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Trevor Morrison

The Morrison Memo

At the start of his sixth year at NYU Law, the dean takes stock of how the Law School community has grown and evolved, and looks to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

NYU Law Magazine Dicta opener


Five students from the Class of 2018 received Skadden fellowships; Philip Alston examines extreme poverty in the US; and three couples share how NYU Law brought them together.

NYU Law Magazine Criminal Justice opener

The Reformers

The US criminal justice systems is expensive, inefficient, and riddled with inequity. NYU Law faculty, students, and alumni are working to change that.

Opening spread of BALSA/LACA feature story

BALSA’s Bridge

For 50 years, the Black Allied Law Students Association has been a voice and a community for students at NYU Law.

Opening spread of LACA feature

The LACA Connection

The Law Alumni of Color Association celebrates four decades in which members have supported and inspired one another to work for change.

NYU Law Magazine Guarini Institute opener

A New Global Step 

NYU Law expands its international reach and launches an innovative, digitally focused curriculum with the opening of the Guarini Institute for Global Legal Studies. 

NYU Law Magazine Campaign opener

Lighting Up the Night 

At the gala launch party for the Lead the Way campaign, donors and students celebrate the Law School's impact on society, the law, and individual lives.  

Opening spread of Tech GC feature story

Tech Heavies 

As general counsel at some of the biggest corporate names in the technology sector, these NYU Law alumni are doing jobs that didn't exist when they were in law school. 

Closing Statements

Professor Jason Schultz, director of the Technology Law & Policy Clinic, talks about how to protect consumer data, how AI will change the legal profession, and why he stopped using Facebook.


The People

Amy Adler and David Baum

Artistic Practice

Amy Adler’s Art Law course examines questions of freedom of speech, intellectual property, the right of publicity, and how digital culture affects the law. 

Melissa Murray

New Faculty: Melissa Murray

In her scholarship and in the classroom, Melissa Murray focuses on constitutional, criminal, and family law, on law and sexuality, and the ways these fields intersect.

Kirstie Yu and Jocelyn Shih

Breaking Barriers

APALSA helps Asian-Pacific American students adjust to law school and find their feet in their first jobs as lawyers. 

Jonathan Briones

Learning to Manage

For Mintz Levin partner Joshua Briones LLM ’01, managing member of the firm's Los Angeles office, mentorship has been key to his career.

Andrew, Beatrice, and Anthony Welters ’77

100 AnBryce Graduates

The AnBryce Scholarship Program celebrates dual milestones: The 20th year of the program and the graduation of the 100th AnBryce Scholar.

Alyssa Waaramaa '20 (L) and Erika Murdoch '19

Justice Corrections

Through the Solitary Confinement Project, NYU Law students work to conduct interviews with prisoners who have experienced solitary confinement on Rikers Island. 

Litigating Free Speech 

Andrew Nellis ’16 and Daniel Nowicki ’14 take opposing sides in a ninth circuit First Amendment case, Kennedy v. Bremerton School District.

Artwork of family court

Family Court Compass

Founded and led by NYU Law alumni, LIFT helps New Yorkers navigate the state’s Family Court system.

Ndidi Oriji

Stand-Up Lawyer

Ndidi Oriji ’03 combines her skills in law and entertainment in her work as senior vice president of advertising standards and practices at NBCUniversal.

Arthur and Nancy Mahon

Father-Daughter Scholars

Arthur Mahon ’58 and Nancy Mahon ’89 compare notes on their time as Scholars in what is now the Root-Tilden-Kern Program.

Students wearing protective headgear on alternative spring break

Spring Break Service

Students explore public defender and immigration law careers on Alternative Spring Breaks, student-organized, service-oriented trips. 

Courtroom sketch of Nathan Wessler arguing before judges

Supreme Court Win

Nathan Wessler ’10 argues in Carpenter v. United States that it is unconstitutional to seize and search historical cell phone location data without a warrant.

Justine Olderman

A Legacy of Public Defense

Justine Olderman ’98 succeeds Robin Steinberg ’82 as executive director of the Bronx Defenders. 

Nicole Friedlander

Fighting Fraud and Cybercrime

First at the US Attorney’s Office and now at Sullivan & Cromwell, Nicole Friedlander ’01 specializes in cybersecurity.

Illustration of Richard Epstein teaching, speaking, writing and with a large stack of books.

The Prolific Professor

Since September 2007, Richard Epstein has authored 123 academic journal articles and 30 book chapters and has written or edited 10 books.

Deborah Archer

New Faculty: Deborah Archer

As a litigator and scholar in racial discrimination and civil rights cases, Deborah Archer has built her career advocating for the rights of this generation and the next. 

Entrance to the EJI Museum

Narratives of Injustice

The Equal Justice Initiative, led by Bryan Stevenson, opens the Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice.

Mitchell Jacobson

A Decade of Law and Business

The Mitchell Jacobson Program in Law and Business celebrates its 10th anniversary. 

David Tanner and Florence Davis

New Board Leaders

David Tanner ’84 and Florence Davis ’79 take up positions as chair and vice chair of the NYU School of Law Board of Trustees.

In Memoriam

Remembering members of the NYU Law community who have passed away during the last academic year.


Kim Taylor-Thompson receives NYU's Distinguished Teaching Award

Arguments & Opinions

An Inconvenient (Intellectual Property) Truth Artwork

An Inconvenient (IP) Truth

Barton Beebe and Jeanne Fromer find that the reservoir of available trademarks is running dry. 


The Law of Supply and Demand

Vicki Been '83 analyzes the connection between housing supply and affordability.

NYU Law Magazine Debt and Taxes Artwork

Debt and Taxes

Four NYU Law professors analyze the pros and cons of 2017's sweeping tax law. 

NYU Law Magazine Government Lawyering Artwork

Government Lawyering and Politics

Anne Milgram '96 and Preet Bharara discuss how to balance professional duty and personal ideology. 

NYU Law Magazine Two Heads Artwork

Property and Development

Frank Upham questions whether developing countries require stable legal property rights for economic growth and social change.

NYU Law Magazine Automation Artwork

Automation and the American Worker

Cynthia Estlund asks what we should do as more and more jobs are taken over by robots.

NYU Law Magazine Puerto Rico Artwork

Calamity and Identity

Samuel Issacharoff and Clayton Gillette consider the fiscal and identity crises of Puerto Rico. 

NYU Law Magazine Net Neutrality Artwork

Net Neutrality Explained

Christopher Jon Sprigman articulates what's at stake in the legal and legislative battle over net neutrality.

NYU Law Magazine Researching Resilience Artwork

Researching Resilience

Margaret Satterthwaite '99 examines the effects of human rights work on the mental health of advocates. 

NYU Law Magazine Franco Ferrari Artwork

Encyclopedia Ferrarica

Franco Ferrari has co-edited a first-of-its-kind compendium of private international law. 

Two heads overlapping to create a Ven Diagram with the scales of justice in the overlapping space

Meeting of the Minds

Marcel Kahan's knack for collaboration has shown remarkable results.


Professorial Publications
And the Winner Is...


Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Notorious Justice

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg discusses Roe v. Wade, her legal career, and women on the Supreme Court. 

Takahashi, Cohen, Ito, and Morrison

Gift of Dialogue

A discussion about human rights, sovereignty, and dispute resolution in East Asia coincides with a major grant to NYU Law from the government of Japan.

Robert Katzmann

Kudos for Katzmann

Justice Sonia Sotomayor and other legal luminaries pay tribute to Chief Judge Robert Katzmann of the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. 

Gerald Rosenfeld

The Business of Philanthropy

Gerald Rosenfeld, co-director of the Jacobson Program in Law and Business, discusses the intersection of leadership, philanthropy, and the law.

Marta Cartabia

Europe’s Identity Crisis

In the annual Emile Noël Lecture, Marta Cartabia, vice president and judge of the Constitutional Court of Italy, considers the European Union's challenges.

Morrison, Thompson, Taylor-Thompson, Neuborne, and Stevenson

Probing the Roots of Racism

NYU Law's Center on Race, Inequality, and the Law shines an academic spotlight on hot-button issues facing the country. 

Robin Steinberg

Brennan Center Live

The Brennan Center for Justice brings John Dean, Katy Tur, David Frum, and others to campus to discuss the state of the nation.

Rod Rosenstein

The SEC and DOJ at NYU

NYU Law's Institute for Corporate Governance and Finance and the Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement host Rod Rosenstein and others.

Victoria Lipnic

Business Meets #MeToo

As the #MeToo movement spotlights sexual harrassment in the workplace, the NYU Center for Labor and Employment Law holds a forum on "Avoiding the Next Harvey Weinstein."

Wilma Liebman

Labor Laws Duel

Wilma Liebman, former chair of the National Labor Relations Board, and other experts examine the increasing conflict between federal labor law and state and local labor law.

Ed Rock

Rules of Engagement

At an Institute for Corporate Governance and Finance event, large asset managers, hedge funds, and other shareholders discuss different models of shareholder engagement. 

Trevor Morrison, Gillian Metzger, Michael McConnell, and Adam White

Unprecedented Presidency

NYU Law's Classical Liberal Institute and the student chapter of the Federalist Society co-host a conference analyzing Donald Trump's impact on the presidency.

Stephen Ross

A Forum for Every Legal Interest

The Latham & Watkins Forum creates topical, relevant conversations on everything from criminal prosecution reform to the 2017 federal tax legislation. 

Kent Hirozawa

State of Unions

Kent Hirozawa '82, former member of the National Labor Relations Board, explores the politicization of the NLRB.

Painting of Derrick Bell


In the annual Derrick Bell Lecture, Theodore Shaw looks at current racial conflicts and asks, "What would Derrick Bell do?"

David O’Sullivan and Gráinne de Búrca

A Breakdown of Brexit

David O'Sullivan, European Union ambassador to the US, discusses the dilemmas facing the EU, including those posed by Brexit. 

Bob Bauer

Examining the Executive Branch

The annual Sidley Austin Forum assembles more than 20 experts in government and law to consider modern executive power.

Trevor Morrison, Deborah Burand, Pamela Rothenberg, Helen Scott, and Jay Grunin

Grunin Center’s First Prize

The Grunin Center for Law and Social Entrepreneurship awards the inaugural Grunin Prize for social entrepreneurship to an innovative law firm. 

Goodwin Liu

Lonely at the Top

Justice Goodwin Liu of the Supreme Court of California examines the struggle of Asian Americans to reach the top ranks of the legal field. 


Plugged-In Speakers
Multilateral Moves
Transitioning to Racial Justice
Posthumous Praise
Appeals for Reform
Swipe Rights
Compelling the Court
Dorsen Devotees
View from von Hayek

Relevant Parties

NYU Law Magazine Convocation Image

2018 Graduation

Parents, professors, and graduating students hear from Bryan Stevenson, Strive Masiyiwa, and Justin Trudeau. 

NYU Law Magazine Cyber Breaches Image

Cyber Talk

At the Law Alumni Association luncheon, Barbara Becker ’88, Randal Milch ’85, Edward Rock, and John Suydam ’85 offer perspectives on cybersecurity.

NYU Law Magazine Reunion Image

Reunion 2018

NYU Law graduates of 10 classes from 1968 to 2014 and Golden Circle alumni gather at the Law School to reconnect and reminisce. 

NYU Law Magazine Scholars and Donors Image

Scholars and Donors

Scholarship recipients in the class of 2018 pose for hooding photos with the donors of their scholarships.

NYU Law Magazine Outlaw Image

Outlaw Honoree

Leslie Cooper ’95, senior staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union LGBT & HIV project, receives OUTLaw’s Alumna of the Year Award.

NYU Law Magazine Family Tradition Image

Family Tradition

Members of the class of 2018 pose for hooding photos with family members who are fellow graduates of the Law School. 

NYU Law Magazine LWN Image

Leading Women

The Birnbaum Women’s Leadership Network, named for Sheila Birnbaum ’65, celebrates more than 125 years of women graduates from the Law School.

NYU Law Magazine Support for Students Image

Celebrating Scholarships

This year’s annual Scholarship Reception took place at the Weinfeld Gala, held at the American Museum of Natural History. 

NYU Law Magazine Boykin Image

WoCC Distinction

The Women of Color Collective honors Lisa Marie Boykin ’95, senior vice president for business and legal affairs at Annapurna Pictures.


Experts discuss presidential power at the LAA Spring Conference