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Why NYU Law: The Graduate Division

Take the next step of your career in a global community that will challenge you to explore questions from different perspectives and prepare you to practice in an interconnected world.

Your choice of powerhouse programs. Enjoy the freedom to design your academic experience in the Master of Laws program or one of our eight LLM specializations. Our JSD and other graduate programs train students to lead the way in their scholarly or professional careers.

A diverse community of top legal minds. More than 95 influential scholars comprise our full-time faculty. They are engaged actively as theorists, practitioners, policymakers, and commentators, and they teach an expansive curriculum of 300+ courses to students from more than 50 countries.

Mentorship and support. Faculty directors to guide you toward success, professors to supervise your research, and experienced administrators to advise you on making the most of your time at the Law School. Expect a team of advisors dedicated to graduate students to help you meet your goals.

New York City. Make real world connections and train for the profession in this dynamic center of US legal practice. Access classes taught by leading practitioners, and attend events featuring prominent figures from the legal profession, government, and beyond.

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