Office of Career Services (OCS)

One of the privileges New York University School of Law students enjoy is also a challenge: How to choose among the wide range of careers an NYU School of Law degree makes possible. The success of NYU School of Law students in finding jobs in the private sector is well known, as is their success in the world of public service.

Students are assisted in their job search by the most extensive placement program in the country. The Office of Career Services, together with the Public Interest Law Center, organizes numerous recruiting programs, panels and workshops, practice interview programs, and offers individual counseling sessions.

Similar success is enjoyed by students seeking judicial clerkships nationwide. NYU School of Law graduates have clerked at the United States Supreme Court and the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Graduates also obtain positions on the faculties of law schools worldwide.

OCS On The Docket

Drop-in appointments may be conducted in person or by phone. You may call the front desk at (212) 998-6090 beginning at 9:30 a.m. to reserve a spot for that day’s drops.   JD: Monday&… more

From late January through mid-March, a number of law firms and other private sector employers will be hosting luncheons or evening receptions for 1L students. These events provide wonderful… more

The following employers will be hosting events for 1Ls during the weeks of March 18 and March 25. For a detailed list of events, log-in to your CSM account and click on the Events tab… more

This year, Early Interview Week (EIW) will be held on August 5-7 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Times Square. This is our largest interview program for rising 2Ls and 3L JD students seeking a summer or… more

Thursday, March 21 through  Friday, April 26, OCS, Furman 430 The Office of Career Services (OCS) believes that all 1Ls who intend to participate in Early Interview Week (EIW) 2019 would benefit… more