Global Programs

NYU Law's global and international law programs empower students to make major impacts in a fast-changing, interconnected, and often contentious world. 

Curriculum: More than 50 courses, seminars, clinics, and other experiential classes are offered each year, covering the spectrum of international and global law fields. 

Collaborative research: NYU Law’s faculty are highly collaborative in cutting edge research projects with strong student engagement, often organized through a robust network of centers. The faculty are strongly interdisciplinary.

Dynamic global programs: Students can choose from outbound study abroad, international moot court competitions, language instruction, and many opportunities for summer internships and post-graduate fellowships.

Realizing a Global Vision

NYU Law's global programs are unsurpassed in range, quality, and vision. For this we are deeply indebted to the long term support of Rita Hauser and the much-missed Gustave Hauser LLM 57 and Hon. Frank Guarini ’50, LLM ’55. NYU’s unique Hauser Global Law School Program, established in 1995, brings to our Washington Square community: the Hauser Global Scholars (LLM), Global Fellows, Global Faculty, and Distinguished Global Fellows. It has had a profound impact on legal education. The Guarini Institute for Global Legal Studies, founded in 2018, extends and raises to a new level the international law programs that have long made the Law School a leader in global legal innovation. It facilitates student experience in NYU Law Abroad, integrates the scholarship of the Law School’s Global and International faculty and fellows, and sponsors the interdisciplinary Guarini Global Law & TechBenedict Kingsbury is the Vice Dean for Global Programs and Kevin Davis is the Faculty Director of the Hauser Global Law School Program.