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Learn to Lead the Way

Whether you plan to practice in a firm, start your own business, or devote yourself to public service, NYU Law prepares you to take on a rapidly changing world.

Learn to think both critically and creatively. Our renowned faculty blend theory and practice to teach students how to tackle the complex issues that have shaped—and will shape—the legal landscape.

Gain an interdisciplinary and global perspective. NYU is at the forefront of interdisciplinary research and teaching, and offers an unsurpassed array of courses in international, comparative, and foreign law.

Experience firsthand what it means to be a lawyer. In our 40+ clinics, students learn to think critically about approaches to legal practice, work with clients to address urgent problems, and influence public policy.

Join a community that supports your goals, whatever they are.With 80+ student groups, dedicated career guidance, and a 40,000-strong alumni network, you’ll make connections that last a lifetime.