Student Affairs

Student Organizations and Student Activity Funding

The Office of Student Affairs serves as the administrative liaison to the Student Bar Association (SBA), the more than eighty-five student organizations the SBA oversees, and the student journals (including Moot Court Board).

Visit the individual webpages for a full list of all the student organizations as well as the journals.

In addition to working with these student organizations in school-wide events, Student Affairs also funds student activities through the Prominence Fund, which provides funding for conferences and competitions, and the Student Intellectual Life Fund, which provides funding for student initiated academic programming.


*Please note: NYU's policies, and procedures on convening events and gatherings have been modified to mitigate COVID transmission risks.

You may submit requests for events and gatherings during the 2021-2022 academic year, but should note that your reservation is contingent on compliance with NYU guidelines.


Student Organization Protocols & Guidelines

Event Planning 101

Planning an Event 101

OSA's Event Request Form

How to Book Space

Adding Your Event to the Law School Calendar

Captioning Guide

Poster & E-Sign Guidelines and Policy

Departmental Guidelines & Policies

Career Services Guidelines

Public Interest Law Center Resources for Student Organizations

Development & Alumni Relations Guidelines

NYU School of Law Contribution Card

Wire Instructions

CLE Application Guidelines

2021 Student Org Leadership Training

Financial Planning & Reimbursements

For reimbursement requests, treasurers should complete the Form to Request a Student Group or Journal Expense Reimbursement to initiate the online reimbursement process:

Form To Request a Student Group or Journal Expense Reimbursement

Student Expense Reimbursement Tip Sheet


Chartfields Overview

2021 Treasurer Training

*Only accessible via on-campus wired computers with treasurer login credentials.

Additional Student Organization Resources

Student Organization Website Editing Access and Help

Using NYU Groups (Google)

Request Additional Zoom Hosting Features

NYU Law Logo Usage

The Docket

Policy on Briefs and Reports