Student Affairs

2023 JD Orientation

Washington Square Park

Welcome to NYU School of Law! We are excited to have you join our community.

JD Orientation will begin on Wednesday, August 23. Please note that JD Orientation is mandatory and will be held in person. Please check this page periodically for updates.

If you should have any preliminary questions, please call 212-998-6658 or email the Office of Student Affairs at 

Update as of August 21 at noon EST

Please note that Orientation begins at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 23. Please disregard any communications you have received indicating an earlier start time.

Required Reading

Please be sure to complete the required reading, Chimel v. California395 U.S. 752 (1969) prior to Orientation.


Creating an Inclusive Classroom Climate for Students

Each student at NYU Law brings a host of valuable experiences and identities to the law school classroom. It is important that while you learn and grow as colleagues, you ensure that you are contributing to a culture of inclusion, mutual respect, and professionalism. This document offers some guiding principles and suggestions on how to comport yourself in your law school classes to help create a healthy and vibrant learning environment. 

Reference and Library Information

NYU Law Library Website

NYU Law Library Research Guides

On-Campus Amenities

Lactation room  
Furman Hall, 2nd floor
Vanderbilt Hall, 2nd floor  

All Gender bathrooms
Furman Hall, 1st floor
Vanderbilt Hall, 2nd floor  

Gender neutral bathrooms
Vanderbilt Hall Basement, VH 3rd floor, VH 4th floor, VH 5th floor
Furman Hall 6th floor
Wilf Basement, Wilf 1st floor, Wilf 6th floor

Tech recycling 
Vanderbilt Hall outside 211
Vanderbilt Hall Suite 336
Furman Hall outside of LC-12
Furman Hall By Office 605
D’Agostino Hall Commons
Hayden Hall Lobby – by Computer Lab


The Department of Residence Services strives to provide an environment which supports your studies at the Law School through well-maintained facilities, community-enhancing activities, policies, and procedures that are comprehensive, easily understood, and equitable. They work to create an atmosphere where learning is fostered, diversity is embraced, and mutual respect for all members of the community is cultivated. Take a moment to learn about what NYU School of Law Housing has to offer!

NYU ID Cards, Laptops, and WiFi

NYU IDs: All incoming students will need to secure an NYU CARD in order to gain access to our buildings and University facilities. Please visit this website and follow the instructions to upload a photo to be used on your NYUCard. You will receive an email once your photo has been approved with instructions on how to pick up your card from the card center.

Connecting to Wireless at NYU: There are a variety of ways to connect to NYU-NET, from both on and off campus, at all NYU global locations. Explore the pages linked below for more information and instructions. Learn more about Network and Connectivity.

Student Discounts and Affordable Eateries

Nearby restaurant and cafe discounts for NYU Students:
Heavenly Finest Deli: 10% off
240 Sullivan Street
1 minute walk from campus

Bao Tea House: 10% off
140 W. 4th Street
2 minute walk from campus

MIGHTY Bowl: 10% off
120 MacDougal Street
2 minute walk from campus

Creperie NYC: 10% off
112 MacDougal Street
3 minute walk from campus

The Kati Roll Company: 10% off
99 MacDougal Street
3 minute walk from campus

Pizza Pot Pie: 10% off
165 Bleecker Street
3 minute walk from campus

Manousheh Bleecker: 10% off
193 Bleecker Street
4 minute walk from campus

Space Market: 10% off salad bar, soups, sandwiches
1 University Place #1
5 minute walk from campus

Bagel Bob’s: 10% off
51 University Place
8 minute walk from campus

The Bean: 10% off 
771 Broadway
10 minute walk from campus

Other affordable options near campus:

SHADE Bar crepe window - Cash-only, customizable crepes.
241 Sullivan Street
1 minute walk from campus

NY Dosa cart - Long-standing Washington Square Park institution. 
Washington Square Park - Across from Vanderbilt Hall. 
1 minute walk from campus

Mahmoun’s Falafel - NYC affordable mainstay.
119 MacDougal Street
2 minute walk from campus

Ben’s Pizzeria - No-frills NY slices. 
123 MacDougal Street
2 minute walk from campus

Pommes Frites - Gourmet French Fries and sauces. 
128 MacDougal Street 
2 minute walk from campus

Saigon Shack - Affordable Vietnamese fare. 
114 MacDougal Street
2 minute walk from campus

Thelewala - Indian street food. 
112 MacDougal Street
3 minute walk from campus

Masala Times - $10 lunch boxes.
194 Bleecker Street
4 minute walk from campus

Food Security Resources

If you experience food insecurity during your time at NYU Law, there are resources to assist you. 

The NYU Courtesy Meal Program is a no-questions-asked program for students facing short-term food insecurity. Students can fill out an online form and receive 75 Dining Dollars added to their NYU ID cards--no questions asked. This program is available for use at all NYU Dining locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Also for short-term food insecurity, you can utilize the Swipe It Forward program at dining halls, which allows meal plan members to donate a swipe at the cashier. A voucher is placed in a bowl at the register, and a student who needs a meal can obtain and redeem the voucher from a cashier during checkout. 

For ongoing food insecurity that surpasses the resources provided by Courtesy Meals or the Swipe It Forward initiative, please contact the Office of Student Affairs, who can assist you in more long-term options.  

In addition, there are several NYC resources for food insecurity nearby campus. Please visit this webpage for a list of food resources in the Greenwich Village and Soho area. There is also the College Student Food Pantry, which provides bags of food to any undergraduate or graduate student, no questions asked. The College Student Food Pantry is located in the East Village. Information can be found at 

Direct questions about food security to: 

Asst. Director for Diversity and Inclusion, Savannah Lynn, at 

Director for Student Life, Nancy Mah Chau, at 

Other Helpful Resources

NY Pro Bono Rule Information 

NYU Center for Multicultural Education and Programs

Center for Diversity and Inclusion

NYU Law Abroad

Public Interest Law Center

Birnbaum Women's Leadership Network

Center for Race, Inequality, and the Law

Student Health Services

Mindful NYU Yoga and Meditation

NYU Law Campus Map 

NYU's Immigrant Defense Initiative