Office of Development & Alumni Relations: Student Organization Guidelines

Important Questions: 

How do student organizations involve alumni as speakers and/or guests to their programs/events?

We are always happy to facilitate involvement between our students and alumni. If you would like to invite alumni to participate in your program or event, please contact Ellie and she will assist with your request. Please reach out to her 6-8 weeks in advance, in order to better coordinate our outreach and communications to alumni. 

Contact:  Ellie Fallon
Director of Alumni Relations
Phone: (212) 998-6408

What are student organization fundraising guidelines?

We ask for the following information before student organizations are cleared to reach out to various firms, individuals, etc.:

1.     A copy of your solicitation letter;
2.     A budget for the semester/year;

3.     A list of who will receive the solicitation.

Please email this information to Michele Eddie and she will reach out to your organization to discuss your options. In addition, the NYU School of Law Gift Card must be sent with the solicitations so donors know how to actually make their gift. 

Contact:  Michele Eddie
Director, Annual Fund & Reunion Programs
Phone: (212) 992-8877

Why is it important to involve the Office of Development and Alumni Relations?

We want to make sure that we get the best possible result for the school and the student organizations. Between the Dean’s Office, the Office of Development and Alumni Relations and all the other offices here at the Law School, there are many ongoing conversations with law firms and individual alumni. We want to guarantee that everyone is on the same page, working toward the same goals. We are committed to providing excellent opportunities for students and student organizations to interact and network with our firms and graduates.

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