Student Affairs

Tutoring Program


In considering whether to request a tutor, it is highly advised that students first meet with a class teaching assistant. Teaching assistants often are in the best position to provide practical guidance. 

  • Our free, confidential tutoring service is open to all JD and graduate students who have demonstrated a need for tutoring.
  • These sessions are designed to assist students who are experiencing specific difficulties in a particular subject.
  • Tutors are fellow students who have demonstrated excellence in an academic area.
  • Tutoring takes place at mutually convenient times, usually 2-3 hours per week.
  • Due to the limited number of available tutors, students may request tutoring for a maximum of two courses.

 To sign up for a tutor for the fall 2021 semester please visit this link. Learn more about becoming a tutor.

If you have any questions regarding the tutoring program, please e-mail the Office of Student Affairs at or call (212) 998-6658.

Please note: Because we rely on student volunteers to serve as tutors, we may not be able to assign a tutor in every case. Requests for tutors in more advanced classes can be difficult to fulfill. If we are unable to find you a tutor, we encourage you to speak with your professor and her/his teaching assistant about your specific difficulties.