Office of Career Services: Student Organization Guidelines


Law Firm Contacts and Outreach:

  • Provide a list of lawyers and/or law firms who have volunteered to work with your organization. 
  • Inform employers about upcoming events.  


  • Include events co-sponsored by the OCS, or an approved event announcement emailed to the OCS by the Wednesday before the event, in the OCS portion of the Docket.
  • Include your program’s video on the OCS website.  Arrangements must be made at least two weeks before the event. 

1L Early Interview Week Credit:

  • Qualify your career-related panels, and programs co-sponsored with the OCS, to fulfill the 1L “Career Education Requirement” for participation in EIW.  This will increase attendance.


  • Act as a sounding-board for your program ideas and agendas. We have worked with many student organizations over the years and are able to provide you with information so that you are not “reinventing the wheel”. 
  • Review your program agenda and proposed panelist topics and questions.     
  • Provide a template for, and review, the bio sheet that your organization will create detailing the backgrounds of your attorney participants.


When working with employers, please be mindful that your student organization is representing NYU School of Law as a whole. Attorneys and employers will formulate impressions regarding the Law School and our students based upon their interactions with your organization. It is, therefore, extremely important to maintain the highest level of professionalism. For the benefit of the school, and student body, we ask that you adhere to the following when organizing your event and communicating with attorneys and law firms.

  • Contact Student Affairs to coordinate all logistical aspects of your program.
  • When selecting a date for your career-related panel or program, please be mindful of the OCS, PILC, and Law School Calendars. The calendar fills up fast!
  • Include a diverse range of participants in your program or panel.  Maintaining diversity among your participants will enable you to provide your audience with a variety of viewpoints and experiences.
  • Send thank you notes to the attorney participants following your program.
  • Provide OCS with a record of the attorney and firm participants after your program, along with a copy of the bio sheet.


For more information, please contact Emily Weinig, Esq., Assistant Director, Office of Career Services, at (212) 998-6671 or