JD Scholarships and Scholars Programs

NYU School of Law offers a host of scholarships to both incoming and current students. Entering students are considered for our main source of scholarship aid—Dean’s Awardswith their application for admission to the Law School, and they can submit additional applications to the specialized scholarships listed below. Once on campus, students can apply to other opportunities for both financial and programmatic support.

Current students should review our list of scholarships for 1Ls and for 2Ls. Scholarship awards are disbursed evenly between semesters.  Students must be enrolled full-time at the School of Law to be eligible to receive a scholarship award allocation during a given semester.

We also offer additional information about fellowships and postgraduate options.

Prospective Students

Financial Aid Application and Scholarship Awards

Most of our scholarship aid comes from Dean’s Award scholarships, which are merit- and/or need-based grants in amounts up to full tuition. These are meant to be used while enrolled full-time at NYU Law, with half of the award distributed at the beginning of each semester. Dean’s Awards are reduced by 40% in the 3L year if the recipient has gross earnings in excess of $25,000 during the summer between their 2L and 3L years. A small number of enrolling students who demonstrate exceptional merit will be awarded Vanderbilt Scholarships. Vanderbilt Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of academic excellence, professional and other extra-curricular accomplishments, and potential to become a successful leader in the legal profession.

All students admitted to NYU School of Law are considered for Dean’s and Vanderbilt Scholarships through the financial aid process. To be considered for these scholarships, admitted students must complete our on-line institutional financial aid application.  Instructions on completing the on-line financial aid application will be sent to admitted students beginning in early January.  All admitted students should submit the financial aid application including students who applied for a named scholarship program as part of their application for admission. Upon receipt of your completed financial aid application, the Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid will review the application together with your application for admission. You will be notified of any award(s) following the committee’s review.

Note:  If you will be 28 or younger on September 1 of the academic year for which you are applying for financial aid, parental financial information must be submitted on the financial aid application in order to be considered for need based awards.

All institutional financial aid determinations are made upon admission on a rolling basis (during the spring that immediately precedes a fall enrollment) and apply to all three years of the JD program.  Additionally, in order to be reviewed for eligibility for institutional JD financial aid, all incoming 1L students must complete the Law School's financial aid application no later than May 15 prior to the fall semester of their 1L year (or within 2 weeks of their actual admission, if admitted after May 15).  All financial aid determinations, including the Student Contribution determination, are final and not re-evaluated in subsequent years.

Programmatic Scholarships

Students with a strong interest in a specific field should apply for our programmatic scholarships. In addition to generous financial support, these programs offer fully integrated academic and professional programs that begin on the first day of class and continue throughout scholars legal careers.

The priority deadline for all programmatic scholarships is December 1, and all scholarship applications must be submitted no later than January 1.  You are strongly encouraged to have a complete CAS report ready to be requested by the admissions office by December 1, and no later than January 1.



  • Mitchell Jacobson Leadership Program in Law & Business
  • Hyundai Motor America and Kia Motors America Scholarships in Law & Business - With the generous support of Hyundai Motor America and Kia Motors America, the Hyundai Motor America and Kia Motors America Scholarships in Law & Business will be awarded to JD/MBA Dual Degree students who are pursuing careers in law & business. Hyundai and Kia Scholars will be required to enroll in the Law & Business Projects Seminar during their final year through which they may receive the substantial writing credit required for the law degree. The awards are merit and need-based scholarships and no separate application is necessary.

First in Family to Attend Graduate or Professional School

Public Interest
  • Furman Public Policy Scholarship Program
  • Latinx Rights Scholarship
  • Root-Tilden-Kern Public Interest Scholarship Program
  • Sinsheimer Service Scholarship
  • Lyn & Gilbert M. Kapelman - John Norton Pomeroy Scholarship - With the generous support of Lyn and Gilbert (LLB ’63 LLM ’73) Kapelman, the Lyn & Gilbert M. Kapelman - John Norton Pomeroy Scholarship will be awarded to an enrolling student planning a career in environmental and land use law, whether in academia, public service or private practice.  Students interested in working within these areas, but not limited to land, air and water protection, wildlife and marine conservation, and the preservation of endangered natural habitats and eco-systems are eligible.  Recipients of the Lyn & Gilbert M. Kapelman - John Norton Pomeroy Scholarship will be selected based on their demonstrated commitment to scholarship and the study of the aforementioned areas.

Additional Scholars Programs

For Current 1L Students

1Ls with a passion for a particular field of study can seek additional opportunities in the form of scholarships and fellowships:

For Current 2L Students

Looking toward their third year, 2Ls should consider taking advantage of these NYU Law programs:

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