ASPIRE Scholarship

ASPIRE Full-Tuition Cybersecurity/Public Service Scholarship for NYU School of Law Students

The nation’s cyber- and information-security challenges require a new generation of technologically savvy lawyers, who understand both the technological aspects of information security and the legal, policy, and regulatory concerns that shape the field. NYU School of Law, along with a family of other NYU Schools (Tandon, Stern, Wagner, Steinhardt, and Courant), offers students an opportunity to participate in the ASPIRE program (A Scholarship for Service Partnership for Interdisciplinary Research and Education). Funded by the National Science Foundation, the program aims to produce cybersecurity specialists who understand information-security issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. See more information about ASPIRE scholarships at other NYU schools (for those not seeking admission to the Law School).

The ASPIRE program will provide a full-tuition scholarship for students who are passionate about cyber and information security and dedicated to careers in state, local, or federal government. One student entering the Law School each Fall will be selected for this prestigious program, which will provide the following benefits:

  • A three-year full-tuition scholarship;
  • A stipend for living expenses in their second and third years of law school; and
  • Certain additional expenses related to the program.

Applicant Information

As an applicant for the ASPIRE Cybersecurity Scholarship, you must complete your JD application by January 1 and you must have a complete CAS report ready to be requested by NYU School of Law no later than January 1. You are required to submit, as an addendum to the JD application, a statement (no more than 500 words) that describes your interest in cybersecurity and in public service. You are also required to submit at least two references who may be contacted during the interview process.

ASPIRE scholars at NYU Law participate in lectures, discussions, and other programming with ASPIRE students from other NYU schools and will join a cohort of cyber scholarship recipients from other scholarship programs. Law students may not take online courses towards the JD. Students selected for the program will also enroll in two technical cyber-security courses at NYU Tandon School of Engineering after their first year of law school, for which they will receive some credit towards their JD degree. Courses include:

  • Information Security and Privacy
  • Network Security
  • Computer Networking

Participating students are required to work at a state, local or federal government agency for two years after graduation, and to work in a government cybersecurity internship during the summer between their second and third years of Law School. These positions will often require that students be able to obtain a security clearance. Students interested in pursuing a dual degree will need to consult with the ASPIRE program leadership regarding curricular choices and the allocation of academic credit. The ASPIRE program is restricted to US citizens.

The priority deadline for all programmatic scholarships is December 1, and all scholarship applications must be submitted no later than January 1.

For additional information, please contact Randal Milch, Co-Chair, NYU Center for Cybersecurity and Professor of Practice, NYU School of Law: