Evaluating LRAPs: Key Questions to Ask


LRAP Plus: Two students chatting with computers open in student lounge

Loan Repayment Assistance Programs can be life-changing giving you the freedom to pursue a career in public service after law school. Not all law school programs are the same, however. Here are a few key questions to ask when comparing programs:

1. Does the program cover all sorts of jobs or only a few types?

NYU Law's LRAP Plus covers one of the widest ranges of employment of any repayment program including full-time jobs in federal, state, local, community and tribal government, nonprofit organizations, judicial clerkships, legal academia, self-employment and for-profit organizations serving the public interest.

2. How much can I earn and have my payments fully covered by the LRAP?

At some schools, LRAPs are intended to benefit low earners the most. When you earn beyond a relatively low threshold, the program begins to cost you more. That's not the case with NYU Law's LRAP Plus income-driven plan. You can earn as much as $110,000 and pay no monthly amount.

3. Does the Law School offer a choice of LRAP plans or is it a one-size fits all approach? 

NYU Law's LRAP Plus offers two options, an income-driven plan and a traditional 10-year LRAP. See How LRAP Plus Works.

4. I have other, non-law school debt. Will that be covered by the LRAP? 

Not all LRAPs cover non-law educational debt. NYU Law's LRAP Plus covers up to $30,000 of original principal (on top of a $10,000 allowance for bar loans).

5. I have children. Does the LRAP offer any allowances for my dependents? 

At NYU Law, LRAP Plus includes a new dependent allowance of $10,000 per eligible dependent.

6. Can I defer the LRAP if I need to?

If you have a life event and need to step away from LRAP for a period, you want to be sure you can do so. At NYU Law, you can defer for up to two years to start a family, pursue education, or deal with unforeseen hardship. 

7. Must I apply for the LRAP right after graduation or can I do it at a later time? 

Some LRAPs have strict rules of when graduates can apply. With NYU Law's LRAP Plus, graduates can apply at any time.