Loan Repayment Assistance Program

The LRAP Difference

LRAP has helped hundreds of our graduates achieve their dreams. Here, a few current participants describe the difference that LRAP has made in their lives and careers.

Vanessa Bonilla Lopez portrait

“I am working as a Law Fellow in the Immigrant Justice Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. I went to law school to be a public interest lawyer. I was so thankful to know that NYU would have my back in making that happen. When I was looking for jobs, I had the freedom to find something that I was passionate about, because I knew I would be able to afford it. I am very thankful to know I will continue to have that support until my debt is paid. It's a rare privilege to have access to such a generous LRAP program. Thank you!” —Viviana Bonilla Lopez 17

Danielle Whiteman portrait

“I am a Zubrow Fellow at the Juvenile Law Center, where I work primarily on juvenile life-without-parole cases. Juvenile defense allows me to combine my passion for working with youth with my love of criminal defense. With the amount of combined debt that I have from undergrad and from law school, I would not be able to afford to do the work that I do without LRAP assistance. I truly appreciate the opportunity to do work that I love without sacrificing my financial stability.” —Danielle Whiteman 16

Alexis Piazza  portrait

“I am an Equal Justice Works Fellow at the ACLU of Southern California, fighting for the rights of school-age children and youth experiencing homelessness in my region. LRAP makes my work possible, because there is no way I could afford to accept the Equal Justice Works fellowship and do this work—especially after having recently started a family—while also paying my student loans. I am a Root-Tilden-Kern scholar, which has been immensely helpful, but the LRAP program is still absolutely necessary for me to continue to do public interest work. I am so grateful for LRAP!” —Alexis Piazza 16

Sonya Chung portrait

“LRAP is one of the biggest reasons why I am able to do what I wanted to do most after graduating law school. I entered law school wanting to work with immigrants and am doing that now with my IJC fellowship. I am so thankful for the LRAP program because without it, I would have struggled significantly in trying to do what I am doing now.” —Sonya Chung 17

John Cusick portrait

“I came to NYU Law to dedicate my career to public service, specifically around criminal justice reform. NYU Law's LRAP removes a monetary barrier that may have delayed these goals. Without the financial support, I would not have been able to apply for an Equal Justice Works Fellowship, which I received, and work at my dream job at the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.” —John Cusick 17