Women’s Leadership Fellows Program

About the WLFP

Information about the Women’s Leadership Fellows Program and the Sara Moss Women’s Leadership Training Program for students entering NYU Law in Fall 2019 will be updated closer to the start of the semester.

In the Women’s Leadership Fellows Program (WLFP), participants will build key leadership skills. Fellows will work closely together as a cohort, and independently, as each participant develops their own individual, authentic leadership style. Students apply and are selected as Fellows in the fall of their 1L year and participate in programming throughout their time at NYU Law.

We seek to build a diverse, inclusive cohort, and we welcome applications from students who identify as women, including trans women, as well as from students who identify as gender non-conforming, non-binary, and gender queer. Students who have not previously had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills are encouraged to apply.

The WLFP begins with the Sara Moss Women’s Leadership Training Program, a rigorous cocurricular, week-long leadership development program for 1L Fellows that combines self-assessment, instruction, experiential learning, team-building, coaching, and mentoring. The program will take place in January before the start of the Spring semester, allowing participants to reflect on their first semester of law school and approach upcoming semesters with additional skills, insights, and perspectives. The 2020 Sara Moss Program runs from Monday, January 6, through Friday, January 10, 2020.

The Sara Moss Program offers participants the opportunity to build personal and practical skills complementary to their legal education. Through instruction and feedback from professional facilitators and coaches, participants develop core leadership and professional skills in a space that encourages honest self-reflection and sharing with others. The program accommodates participants’ different learning styles, backgrounds, and aspirations, encouraging participants to lead authentically, in law school and beyond.

Themes of the January intensive include:

  • Identifying, understanding, and strengthening your leadership style
  • Communicating with impact and authenticity
  • Defining your value proposition
  • Strengthening practical skills, including time management, setting boundaries, and organization
  • Grit and resilience
  • Building internal/external networks and relationship capital

Fellows will also be assigned graduate mentors, who will support Fellows’ leadership development throughout their law school careers.

Fellows will continue to build upon the foundational skills and insights from the January intensive program as they progress through law school. Additional opportunities may range from workshops on specific topics, such as getting and giving feedback, to programming designed to expose participants to various aspects of the professional world, to social opportunities designed to deepen bonds within the Fellowship cohort.

The Women’s Leadership Fellows Program and Sara Moss Women’s Leadership Training Program are made possible through the generous support and inspired vision of Sara Moss ’74 and are being developed and executed in consultation with Monica Parham. Questions about the Women’s Leadership Fellows Program may be submitted to womensleadership@nyu.edu.