Office of Student Financial Services

Items Not Covered

Federal regulations mandate that the student expense budget only include education-related expenses. There are many items that students incorrectly assume are included in the student expense budget. Items not covered are:

Consumer Debt

The budget will not allow for any consumer debt such as monthly credit card payments. Students are advised to pay off all credit card debt before coming to law school. The Office of Student Financial Services cannot make allowances for credit card debt.


The cost of a professional wardrobe is not considered as a budget adjustment. This cost may be considerable and wise comparison-shopping is advisable.

Bar Expenses

Bar expenses are not allowed under the student expense budget. Many lenders, however, offer private consumer loans to law students. These loans assist students with paying for the expenses of a bar preparation course and living expenses associated with taking a bar exam after graduation. Many employers also pay bar exam related expenses for their future employees.