Office of Student Financial Services

Student Expense Budget

This budget governs the total amount of aid (loans or a combination of grants and loans) that is available to a student in any given year. Students may not borrow in excess of the approved budget. Each year the budget is adjusted to reflect changes in costs and expenses.  This budget is estimated and subject to modification.

2023-24 Estimated Federal Student Expense Budget
Estimated Expense Budget




Health, Registration, Service, and Tech Fees


Housing and Meals


Books and Supplies


Health Insurance (basic)




Loan Fees                $220




Note for International Students:

In addition to the standard educational expenses associated with the NYU Law School cost of attendance, international students should expect added financial obligations related to relocation and transition to studying in the U.S. (i.e., VISA fees, SEVIS, international travel, settling in, etc.).  For your reference, we have included a list of some of the estimated fees incurred by a typical NYU international student:

Estimated U.S. Visa Application Fee:                       $185
Estimated SEVIS Fee:                                              $220-$350
Estimated NYU Global Services Fee:                       $90-$100 per semester
*Estimated Early Arrival Health Insurance Fee:        $230-$400
*Estimated Early Arrival Daily Housing Rate:           $58-$120

*Estimated expenses associated with international students’ early arrival. Students should include these in their budget unless they receive a waiver of mandatory introductory summer classes or provide evidence of alternative health insurance coverage.  

In addition to the above fees, expenses for international travel and costs associated with settling into a new residence in a foreign country can vary widely depending upon individual circumstances.  International students should expect that they will need to cover such additional expenses [not included in the standard Student Expense Budget] of at least $1,500 to $5,000.