Office of Student Financial Services

Additional Sources of Financial Aid

In the left hand navigation area, you will find links to various categories of additional sources of financial aid. Much of this is from publicly available internet resources and information sent to our office by various organizations. This list is not exhaustive and your own research may be very beneficial. For example, we recommend contacting associations in your hometown and organizations or employers with which you or your family maintain affiliations.

Finally, and most importantly, any outside financial aid received will reduce the amount of loans you would otherwise need to borrow. In other words, a bit of effort now may reduce future indebtedness. Additionally, if you receive financial aid from an outside source, please let us know so we can add the source to this website (if not already listed here) and to your financial aid record. Additionally, if you are the recipient of NYU School of Law institutional aid, outside financial aid awards may result in a reduction of your institutional aid. All outside aid must be reported to the School of Law's Office of Student Financial Services by submitting a copy of your award letter from the awarding entity so that a determination can be made regarding whether the outside financial aid will impact an institutional award.

Please note: Deadline dates, selection criteria, application processes, and other details change more quickly than we can update these pages. Please contact each individual organization for complete and current details. In the process, if you discover inaccuracies, such as a program that no longer exists, one that has moved to a new address, or if you know of other sources of aid not listed here, please let us know.