JSD Program

The JSD Program Structure at a Glance

  • Complete one pre-approved course on each of the following
    • The evaluation of legal rules and institution
    • The explanation of legal rules and institutions
  • Conduct preliminary research with a view toward consolidating research questions, hypotheses and methodology for the dissertation.
  • Prepare and submit Candidacy Paper to Dissertation Supervisor to gain admission to the JSD candidacy.
  • Participate in the JSD Forum
  • Continue to research and formulate theories for the dissertation, and begin drafting the dissertation.
  • Complete one Law School Colloquium.
  • Coordinate with Dissertation Supervisor to determine potential Dissertation Committee members; present recommendations to the Chair of the JSD Committee; ensure appointment of such committee members.
  • Participate in the JSD Forum.
  • Draft and revise the dissertation, supplementing with research as needed.
  • Participate in the JSD Forum.
  • Defend the dissertation orally before the Dissertation Committee.
  • Although the JSD program is designed to be completed in three years, circumstances may arise that require candidates to continue in the program after the third year. A candidate may request to do so with support from the candidate’s supervisor. Requests for extensions of enrollment beyond the first three years will be considered one year at a time only. While those granted extensions are entitled to remain in residency as post-stipendiary candidates, eligibility for the JSD degree expires after five years.