JSD Program

The JSD Forum

The JSD Forum, a central institution of the JSD Program, offers an opportunity for JSD students and candidates to present their work to their peers in a workshop format. Pursuit of the JSD is an intensely individual enterprise, and the orum enables the participants to reflect critically on their own research and writing, and to form a dynamic academic community which structures a serious forum for intellectual exchange. Participation in the forum is expected of all JSD students and candidates as it provides further training for the profession. It is hoped that the Forum itself creates an ethos for members of the JSD community to work in smaller groups as well as to give feedback and support to one another as they draft their dissertations.

The JSD Forum typically meets every other week each semester and is moderated by a member of the JSD Committee. Each JSD student and candidate, in consultation with his or her advisor, is encouraged to suggest possible commentators from among the Law School’s faculty as well as NYU Fellows and Visiting Scholars. After the recommendations of the student or candidate have been submitted, the Chair of the JSD Committee contacts and formally invites the commentator.

During the Forum, it is customary for student presenters to speak for the first twenty minutes of the session followed by the commentator; after this, the moderator opens the floor to discussion. All first through third year JSD students and candidates, along with Visiting Doctoral Researchers, are required to attend each session.