Program Information

Application Deadline

The application deadline for Visiting Doctoral Researchers was February 15, 2024. Applications are not yet open for academic year 2025-2026, but will be available here when they are: Global Visitors Program Application Page.

The Visiting Doctoral Researcher position within the JSD Program is open to foreign nationals studying in or outside of the U.S. and to U.S. and dual-nationality citizens who are studying outside of the U.S.

Doctoral students must be at least in their second year of their studies at the time of their visit.  Students entering their first year are not eligible.

Students must be able to visit for the academic year.

The primary mission of the Visiting Doctoral Researcher position within the J.S.D. Program is the facilitation of original, publishable legal scholarship.  All VDRs are expected to be in full-time residence during their appointment.  Although visits may extend into the summer, visits for the summer months alone will not be approved.  VDRs may not hold any concurrent appointment or engagement (i.e. fellowships, teaching, etc.) during the full period of residency. 

All VDRs are required to participate and present a paper at a J.S.D. Forum, which will be held bi-weekly throughout the academic year.  Additionally, all VDRs are expected to attend the J.S.D. orientation meeting and J.S.D. seminars scheduled periodically throughout the year.

Health Insurance
All participants must have adequate health insurance to cover them and any family members who will accompany them during their stay in the United States. VDRs have an option to join the NYU health insurance program and if they choose not to they must make arrangements for health insurance before they arrive in the United States so that they are covered as from their date of arrival.  The program will provide information on obtaining NYU insurance coverage following admission to the program.

Visa Information
The J.S.D. Program at NYU School of Law will sponsor the relevant visa to enter US and remain here for the duration of the appointment.  It is important to note that, in such cases, proof of funding or assets in the amount of US$2,000 per month of residence in the US will be required.  Visas can be issued to spouses and children, provided that fellows can demonstrate they possess US$650/month to support the spouse and US$300/month per child for the duration of the visit.  Further information regarding visa requirements will be provided following admission to the J.S.D. Program.

For questions about the J.S.D Program, please contact