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Federico Jorge Gaxiola Lappe

Jorge Gaxiola

Dissertation Title: Conflicts of Rights and Moral Remainders in Legal Adjudication: The Case of Defamation

Doctoral Supervisor: Professor Liam B. Murphy

Biography: Jorge is a JSD student from Mexico. He completed an LL.M. in Legal Theory at NYU as a Hauser Global Scholar and a Bachelor of Arts in Law at Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (Mexico City), where he graduated with high honors. He worked for approximately 6 years at the National Supreme Court of Mexico, where he was a judicial assistant to Justice Cossío Díaz and Justice Medina Mora, and a law clerk to Justice González Alcántara Carrancá. In 2022, Jorge was professor at Escuela Libre de Derecho (Mexico City), where he taught the course Legal Theory.

Research: Jorge is interested in the way in which law deals with and resolves conflicts of values. Particularly, he is interested in researching new challenges to democratic practices, like the proliferation of disinformation, that require us to adjust preconceptions about how human rights and democratic processes operate as reciprocal limits and conditions to each other.

His doctoral dissertation aims to explore the role that moral remainders should have when choosing between methodologies to adjudicate conflicts between freedom of speech and the right to reputation. Particularly, it aims to contribute to the development of decision rules, procedures, standards of argumentation, and evidence rules that show greater respect for reputation, while simultaneously allowing robust deliberation to take place and the citizenry to be adequately informed.

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