JSD Program

Academic Life

The JSD Program at NYU aims to provide intense training in academic research in order to enable those intending to pursue a career in academia to produce first-class scholarship and secure teaching positions in the US and around the world. JSD students and candidates are an integral part of the wider NYU Law School community. Thus, they are invited to participate in many academic and social events that are hosted by the Hauser Global Law School Program and its affiliates, such as conferences, workshops, faculty fora, and events designated especially for them as well as other NYU visiting fellows. Of note is the JSD Forum which is a central institution of the program, where JSD students and candidates along with our Visiting Doctoral Researchers are able to present their work to their peers in a workshop format. JSD candidates and students also work as teaching assistants, research assistants, and co-teachers throughout the University.

For more information about admission to the JSD Program we invite you to visit the Graduate Admissions website. For additional information regarding the three year program degree requirements and other student matters please visit the Office of Graduate Affairs website.