Once admitted to candidacy, a candidate’s experience at the Law School becomes much more individualized as most of his or her time is dedicated to research and writing. This stage generally requires a great amount of discipline and self-directed research. However, we have built in opportunities for candidates to continue to interact and be stimulated by the larger academic community.


Law School Colloquia

In the second year, students are required to register for one Law School Colloquium. Colloquia—essentially research workshops—permit students to interact with faculty and experts from around the world. Each week, students and faculty meet to discuss recent scholarship by an authority in the field, who will present his or her work to the group. It is an opportunity for students and professors to exchange ideas freely in a rigorous exploration of a legal discipline. In addition, students typically prepare written comments on the text presented, which helps to strengthen their critical analysis skills. Candidates who have completed a colloquium during the course of their NYU LLM degree may waive this requirement with permission of their Dissertation Supervisor and the Chair of the JSD Committee. If a student wishes to apply for a waiver, he or she must submit a complete and signed Waiver Request Form prior to registering for courses.


Appointment of Dissertation Committee

Collaborating with their Dissertation Supervisors, second year JSD students may propose two faculty members from NYU or from another institution in addition to their Dissertation Supervisor, to serve on their Dissertation Committee. Such selection must also be approved by the JSD Committee. Once the recommendations of the student and the Dissertation Supervisor have been finalized, the Chair of the JSD Committee contacts and formally appoints the members of the Dissertation Committee. Committee members who are not on faculty at NYU will receive a symbolic honorarium of $250.00 USD.

When considering possible committee members, students should keep in mind that committee members are intended to be valuable resources to them as they engage in the process of preparing their dissertation. As such, it is important for students to target individuals who maintain some interest and competence in their field of study.