JSD Program

JSD Program Funding

NYU School of Law has moved away from the concept of the self-funded JSD student. All students admitted to the JSD program receive a scholarship equal to the amount of tuition and fees in addition to a stipend of $42,000 USD per year for four years, conditional upon satisfactory academic progress (admission to candidacy, completion of coursework, and presentation and participation in the JSD Forum). Maintenance of Matriculation and fees are covered by the tuition scholarship through the fifth year. In order to receive the tuition scholarship and stipend, JSD students in their first through fourth years must reside in New York City from September through June. NYU health insurance (comprehensive plan) is covered for the period of residence. Summer residence (July and August) is not required. Summer employment in July & August is permitted but must be approved by the student’s Dissertation Supervisor and by the Chairman of the JSD Committee.

Students are responsible for all tuition and fees after the fifth year.

The Committee will also admit students who have been awarded independent funding from a public organization or an academic or government institution. We encourage applicants to seek external funding. Students who receive funding from a third party will be eligible for an adjusted NYU stipend. If the total external grant is less than half of the JSD stipend, the program will provide the full USD $42,000 stipend. For any amount of the grant above half of the stipend, the stipend will be reduced according to the following formula: 0.3(G-.5S); (where S=stipend; G=external grant). Students receiving outside funding will also receive a scholarship equal to the cost of tuition and fees through their fifth year.

Students are encouraged to maintain contact with the Office of Student Financial Services during their time at the Law School. The staff approaches student financial planning from a counseling perspective, recognizing that students bring different experiences, needs, and levels of financial sophistication to the process. Please visit their website, which contains comprehensive information about the various types of law school, federal, and private aid available.

NOTE: If a JSD student takes courses beyond those required by the JSD program, such student is responsible for the tuition and fees charged for those credits.