Graduate Admissions

Applying to the Graduate Division involves the completion of an online application form and the submission of required materials via the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) by a specific deadline. Applicants to all programs (LLM, E-LLM, MSL, JSD, or APC) must register for an LSAC account, and use the LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service.

Some of the required materials will be submitted as electronic attachments to the online application, while others will be mailed to LSAC. Certain materials are required from all applicants, while others are required from only some applicants. Therefore, it is important that all applicants review the Admission 2021 Application Instructions (PDF: 232 KB) carefully to ensure that they comply with all application procedures and submit all required materials in a timely manner.

We suggest applicants print a copy of their online application for their records, and keep a file of all documents submitted with the application. We cannot return or provide copies of any part of an application, transcripts, translations, score reports, recommendation letters, or supporting materials.

Application materials and all supporting documents submitted in connection with an application for admitted students who enroll at New York University School of Law become part of the student's record and are subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

For applicants in the European Union, please see NYU’s Data Privacy Notice for Prospective Students in the E.U.

Graduate Division Application Checklist

Online Application Form ($85 fee)
□ Personal Statement
□ Résumé or Curriculum Vitae
□ Hauser Global Scholarship Essay (if applicable)
□ CPA Certificate (if applicable)
□ JSD Sample Research Paper (if applicable)
□ JSD Proposal of Study (if applicable)
□ Addendum (if applicable)
Materials Sent to LSAC
□ Official Transcripts and Class Rank Statement
□ English Proficiency Test Score (if applicable)
□ Recommendation Letter(s)