Records and Registration

Registration Eligibility

Check COURSES to see if you are eligible to register.  If you have a block on your record, you should address this matter with the appropriate office as soon as possible. 

Registration Eligibility Checklist

Be in financial compliance according to the Bursar’s policies.

  • The University requires that students follow Bursar policy and pay their account balance in full each semester. Such balances include but are not limited to tuition (including summer tuition), housing fees (including summer fees), and library fines and fees. See the NYU Bursar site for more information. Keep in mind that if you pay in full after the close of add/drop for the fall semester you will be permanently ineligible to register for fall courses. You can view your current financial status on Albert. 1L students will be de-registered from spring courses until their prior account balances are paid. In order for 1L students to participate in the mid-October registration cycles and remain registered for required spring courses, you must be paid in full and cleared by the Bursar no later than October 16.

  • Be advised that all blocks must be removed before you can re-register for classes. The Bursar requires a minimum of two business days from the date of payment to remove registration blocks from your account. If you make payment that does not permit you to be cleared by October 16, you will be able to participate in registration during the later registration cycles, but you will not be re-registered for the elective you won during the First-Year Elective Bidding Cycle if that course is now closed.

  • Please also contact the Law School Office of Student Financial Services if you make a payment so that they can ensure that the block is removed. Please note that you are advised to contact the Office of Student Financial Services with questions, concerns or for consultation on extenuating circumstances. If you are permitted to register because you attempted to satisfy your financial obligation to the University by means of a check or other form of payment that is subsequently dishonored, you will have four days from the time you are notified by the University or your bank, whichever is earlier, to successfully transfer all required funds to the University.  In the event that you fail to meet this obligation, you will be de-registered from Spring courses October 23, and will not be permitted to matriculate for the current semester.

Be in compliance with the required School of Law documentation.

  • 1L students were required to provide the law school with a completed College Questionnaire and final official undergraduate transcript by August 1, 2023.

  • If you were not in compliance with the above, a registration block will be placed on your record on September 19, 2023. You will be de-registered from spring classes and you may not participate in the First-Year Elective Bidding Registration.

Be in compliance with New York State Health Law Requirements.

  • New York State Health Law requires that all newly admitted students provide the University Health Services with immunization documents if the student is registered for six or more credits per term.  In addition, all students are required to be up to date on their COVID-19 vaccinations (including a booster, when eligible).

  • You will need to provide: (a) evidence of vaccination with two doses of the combined Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccine; AND (b) complete a medical history form, including the meningococcal meningitis response form.  You will also need to provide evidence of COVID-19 vaccinations.

  • For more information see the health requirements webpage. You may contact University Health Services via email at

Complete the sexual misconduct training module.

  • This training module is intended to further reduce and enhance our response to incidents of sexual misconduct, relationship violence, and stalking — and to bring the University in compliance with federal mandates.

  • You may contact the Wellness Exchange via email

Provide required cell phone, emergency contact, and current location.

If you are not in financial or health compliance, a registration block will be placed on your record. You may register for courses after you clear your block. However, of (a) the Bursar receives your payment or (b) if University Health Services receives your documentation AFTER the registration bidding session has been run, you will be limited to selecting from available courses during add/drop. If you have not removed all blocks and registered by the last day of the add/drop period, you will not be permitted to register for courses for that semester. Retroactive course registration will not be permitted. Please note that if you have any blocks on your record, including if a block is placed on your account after the bidding period opens (i.e. based on a returned check or the like) your fall bid selections will be canceled. Please keep in mind that the Offices of Academic Services, Graduate Affairs, the Institute for the Advanced Study of Law and Justice, Graduate Tax and Records & Registration are not able to remove Bursar or Health blocks. Please work with the law school's Office of Student Financial Services and the University Health Center, respectively on these matters.