Bar Accommodation Process

Steps Example
1. Choose Your State New York
2. Choose Your Date I want to take the exam in July 2024, so my accommodation application needs to be submitted to the Bar by March 31, 2024.
3. Review the specific state’s handbook for requirements

Since my diagnosis is ADHD, I need to go to page A15 in the handbook to check my documentation requirements.

4.    Gather documentation
       a.    Recent Medical Documentation
       b.    Personal Statement
       c.    Proof of Past Accommodations
       d.    Test Scores and Transcripts (ACT/SAT, LSAT)

To gather my documentation, I must:

     a.    Reach out to my psychiatrist in January to request current documentation supporting my Bar accommodations.
      b.    Add my personal statement to my Bar Application form
      c.    Gather all previous documentation confirming my past accommodations in high school, ACT, undergraduate, LSAT, and Law School.
      d.    Gather previous test scores and transcripts

5. Follow the state’s specific application checklist Follow the NY Bar’s specific application checklist found on pages A7 and A8 of application.
6. Submit Application Submit my application prior to the March 31 deadline.

If you need any assistance with these steps for the Bar accommodations application process, you can reach out to your Accessibility Specialist at the Moses Center for Student Accessibility for consultation. 

If you have general Bar application questions, please reach out to Law Office of Records and Registration at or refer to the Bar Exam Information on the Law Records and Registration website. If you need to appeal the Bar’s decision, follow the Appeals process on pages 7 and 8 of the test accommodations handbook.