When do I use COURSES and when do I use Albert?

  • Keep in mind that you use COURSES for registration, checking your law school schedule, and checking for BLOCKS that prevent registration.
  • Keep in mind that you use Albert for entering your emergency contact information and checking your financial information/bursar account.

How do I enter COURSES?

Use your NetID and password to gain access to COURSES

Why won’t COURSES let me bid on classes?

In order to register you must:

  • Complete BOTH your cell phone AND emergency contact information in Albert.     
  • Enter "Current Location" information in Albert.
  • Be in compliance with your Bursar account.
  • Be in compliance with the required School of Law documentation.
  • Be in compliance with New York State Health Law requirements.
  • Complete the sexual misconduct training module.

How much should I bid for a particular class? 

It is hard to say exactly how much you should bid on any particular class. The clearing price for a class may change from the bidding cycle to each cycle during add/drop. It is most likely that a class that has been historically popular will continue to be popular. 

The Clearing Price list includes classes that closed in a particular bidding cycle for a particular population of students (2L, 3L, all upper-level students, etc.).  It also notes the number of bid points paid by all who were admitted to the class.  The bid price correlates to the highest losing bid - i.e. the amount bid the first person to lose. 

Can I bid the same amount of points on multiple classes?

No, you cannot allocate the same number of bid points to more than one set of primary bids. For example, you cannot bid 10 points on two primary class selections. The only bid amount that can be repeated for multiple primary bids is ZERO.

How can I change my course schedule? 

Once the results from a bidding cycle are published on COURSES, you can make changes to your schedule during the subsequent cycles. You must use COURSES to participate. The first opportunity to make schedule changes for Fall will be in July and for Spring in October/November. During these cycles, students will enter their requests and results will be processed and available at a later fixed date. Beginning the week before classes begin, bidding cycles will be processed each business day (this excludes weekends and holidays) during the remaining registration period.

Registration will resume in October/November for Spring classes. See the Registration Calendar for the specific daily cycle dates. Note: Clearing prices are not published during the daily cycles.

You have the ability to be place yourself on a waitlist in subsequent cycles. Your place on the waitlist is determined by the number of points bid on the course. For details and instructions on how to participate in subsequent bidding cycles, please refer to the  Subsequent Cycles section

Students who did not participate in the initial registration cycle may register for classes at this time.

NOTE: It is recommended that you complete your transactions well before the last day of the bidding period to avoid problems connecting to or being disconnected from COURSES. We recommend you finalize your registration during business hours in case you need assistance. No special accommodation can be made if you miss registration deadlines.

What other guidance can I pursue to determine which elective class I should take?

Vice Dean Hertz and Assistant Dean Kirkland wrote with helpful curricular advice.  The Vice Deans have also put together an Advising website and an Areas of Study website.  You should review these sites carefully.  

How can I see course evaluations for a particular class?

Spring 2005 through the last semester Course Evaluations are available. Beginning with Fall 2008 evaluations you will be able to see statistical information as well as comments.

How do I access my results? 

To view bidding results, log into COURSES; under “Registrations” you will see the list of classes in which you are currently enrolled. In the “Bids” section you can hover over each result for more information. Your bids will not carry over to the cycles that begin in October/November. You will have to bid for this class again if you still have not gained a seat. During the registration cycles your chance at a seat in a class will be based on the number of points that you bid.

After the first cycle of bidding should I bid on a course that COURSES says is closed?

Don’t be discouraged if COURSES says a class is closed, you can still bid for that class. In the typical situation when a registered student drops a class a student that bid on the closed class might win that seat in the class.

After the first cycle of bidding, can I bid on Corporations section #2 if I won Corporations section #1 during Bidding cycle # 1? 

After the first bidding cycle, if you are registered for a class, you cannot bid on another section of the same class unless you conditionally add/drop the class or outright drop the class from your schedule.