Records and Registration

Cell Phone & Emergency Contact Requirements

The University will notify students of an emergency through various media, including text messages. NYU requires that all students provide two types of emergency contacts: the student's cell phone number (domestic or international) and a third party the University can contact in the case of an emergency, including the party's phone number. Students will not be allowed to register for classes without this information on file in Albert. 

The following steps will guide you through the process for entering your cell phone number and an emergency contact number.

1.) Go to Albert through NYU Home.

NYU Albert Main Page

2.) Under the ‘Personal Information’ section, click on the "Emergency Contact" link and/or the "Cellular Phone" link.

Personal Information

4.) This brings a tab view of the Personal Information section where you need to fill out information in the "emergency contacts" tab and "phone numbers" tab.

5.) For emergency contact, just click on the "Add an Emergency Contact" button in that tab to proceed.Click the “Edit” icon in the "Emergency Contacts” section to enter the information for your emergency contact.

Add Emergency Contact

6.) For cell phone number, click on "Add a phone number’ and then select "Mobile" as the phone type in the drop down menu to proceed.

Add a phone number

The emergency contact number must be different from any of the phone numbers you list for yourself, including your cellphone number. Once you enter your cell phone and emergency contact information you will be able to proceed with registration.

7.) Students will be required to update their current location.

Current Location