Records and Registration


The University requires that continuing students follow Bursar policy and pay their account balance in full each semester. The balance includes but is not limited to tuition (including summer), housing charges (including summer), and library fines and fees. See the NYU Bursar page for more information.

Unpaid Accounts

Unpaid tuition and housing accounts will result in loss of the following services:

  • Bidding and add/drop
  • Transcript requests
  • Graduation and issuance of diploma
  • Bar certification
  • Release of grades
  • Use of Office of Career Services
  • Use of Coles Sports Center
  • Use of library services

NYU E-Suite 

  • The NYU E-Suite system sends an electronic billing notification (by e-mail) within 2-3 business days after a student registers and every month thereafter when there is a balance due.
  • E-Suite enables students to view their NYU account statement online at anytime. No paper bills are sent.
  • Students may access E-Suite by logging into Albert. Once in Albert, click on the “Login to E-Suite” link under the list of Bursar options.
  • Do not use E-Suite to verify payments to your account in real-time. E-Suite is a monthly billing system and, as a result, will not immediately reflect a payment. To verify payments in real-time, students should login to the Albert Student Information System at NYUHome and click the “Account Summary” link under the list of Bursar options.
  • Students are responsible for making timely payment regardless of whether they receive an E-bill notification or statement. The Bursar’s Office will assess finance charges on overdue accounts. If you do not receive a notification, you may request a copy of your billing statement at any time by contacting the Office of the Bursar at 25 West 4th Street or (212) 998-2800.

Late Registration Fee

A $25.00 registration fee is assessed for students whose first registration occurs on or after the first day of classes.

Outstanding Balances - You will be ineligible to register if you owe the University an outstanding financial obligation for a prior semester. Moreover, even if you pay in full later, you will be permanently ineligible to register for courses in any semester if, at the close of the add/drop period for that semester, you are in arrears for a prior semester. You can view your financial status on Albert.

If you are permitted to register because you attempted to satisfy your financial obligation to the University by means of a check or other form of payment that is subsequently dishonored, you will have four days from the time you are notified by the University or your bank, whichever is earlier, to successfully transfer all required funds to the University. In the event that you fail to meet this obligation, you will be deregistered and will not be permitted to matriculate for the current semester


CHANGE OF STATUS (applicable to LL.M.’s only)

Students who receive permission to change status (full-time to part-time or part-time to full-time) should consult the Office of Graduate Affairs or the Graduate Tax Office for information concerning tuition rates. The tuition rates will be assessed on a per credit basis for both the fall, spring and subsequent semesters. 

  • All students are expected to be fully registered and enrolled for the semester by the close of the add/drop period

  • This is particularly important for students who will be requesting that their term enrollment be reported for loan deferment purposes

  • The University, as a participant in the National Student Clearinghouse, is required to submit by the third week of classes a listing of all students who are enrolled for the term

Veterans Benefits 

  • If you are eligible for Veterans benefits, submit all appropriate documents to the Office of Records and Registration for review

  • Please submit this information after the last day of the add/drop period