Records and Registration

Start of Classes - First Class Attendance

The first week of classes can be important for enrollment. Here are some issues to consider for upper-class students. Not applicable to 1Ls:

Discretionary Admit to Closed Seminars/Colloquia/Simulations: The law school rules permit faculty to admit up to two students to a closed seminar/colloquium/simulation during the first class meeting outside the regular registration procedures. (There is NO discretion to admit a student to a closed course.

If you wish to be considered for discretionary admission into an eligible class, please:

  • Contact the faculty, noting that you are seeking a discretionary admit and why.
  • Review the Early Course Syllabi and First Assignment page to prepare for class.
  • Attend the first session of the course.
  • If approved, complete an add/drop form and attach the faculty approval email.
  • Submit the form and approval email to the Law Registrar's Service Desk (access via the bottom right button on the COURSES page). 
  • If students are NOT admitted by discretion, students may continue to bid on the class via COURSES for the duration of daily add/drop.
  • For Fall 2024, you must complete the discretionary add process by September 6 at noon [New York time]. If the first class session is after the September 6 deadline, then please submit your discretionary admit request once you've attended the first class.

Please remember that the limit is two students, regardless of the number of instructors. The instructors should not admit any students until after the first meeting. The add/drop deadline remains the same. See the Registration Calendar for details. You may only enroll in OPEN classes by using the COURSES site.

Required First Class Attendance: You should check the course descriptions of your classes regarding attendance. Some professors state that they will drop students if they miss the first class. If you wish to obtain a seat from a class requiring first-class attendance, please:

  • Bid on the class by 9:30 am in the add/drop cycle that occurs the business day before the class meets. (For a Monday class, you must bid by 9:30 am on Friday. If Monday is a holiday, and you want to be considered for a Tuesday class, you must still bid by 9:30 am on Friday morning. Always bid the BUSINESS DAY before the class meeting. The registration algorithm is only processed on business days.)
  • COURSES bidding will be closed for this class for the rest of the daily add/drop cycles.
  • Students who do not win a seat when results are published at 1:30 pm will be on a waitlist.
  • The names of waitlist students will be sent to the faculty member.
  • Review the Early Course Syllabi and First Assignment page to prepare for class.
  • Only students who attend the class in-person may be considered for admission.
  • The faculty may pick students from the waitlist as referenced above to fill any open seats.