Records and Registration

Language Courses in the College of Arts and Science

Eligibility to Take a Language Course

Each semester, 50 full-time students will be able to register (the first 50 requests will be processed) for a foreign language course in the College of Arts and Science (CAS) using a request form (note: there is a JD form and a separate LLM form); Albert is not available for these courses. Part-time students are not eligible. 

These language classes are limited to beginning, elementary, intermediate, and advanced classes in the College of Arts and Science. The program is not open to language and literature courses or other types of disciplines combined. For language course offerings and schedules, consult the Albert Public Course Search. If a class is full, you will not be registered for the same. No permission from a language professor, language department, or chairperson may override this.

Please see the University Academic Calendar for the deadlines.

Students will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis. You are permitted to select only one course and one alternative course. You should not register unless you are sure you will be able to complete the course work in conjunction with your Law School program. Make sure your language course does not conflict in time with your other courses. Please contact the language department to see if permission is required.


Requirements to Take a Language Course

Many language departments require that you take a placement examination in order to register for foreign language courses beyond the "Elementary I" level. Placement examinations will be given before the CAS semester begins. If you submit a language request form before taking the placement exam, we will keep your request on file. Once we receive written confirmation that you have passed the exam, we will process your request. For more information and the placement examination schedule, see CAS Placement Exams.


Fees to Take a Language Course

Students selected do not have to pay additional tuition for the language course. However, students will be required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of $28.00 per credit hour.


Reminders When Registering for Language Course regarding credit limits and graduation requirements

  • If registration for a language course increases your credit total beyond your maximum allowance, you must obtain permission from your appropriate program office. JD and full time LLM Students may not be registered for more than 19 credits. 
  • Language course credits do not count toward the required minimum of 12 law school credits for JD and LLM students.
  • Students will not be permitted to take the course on a Credit/Fail basis, even if permission to do so is received from the professor teaching the course.
  • Language courses cannot be added other than during the language request time period.
  • Credit received for completion of the course will not count toward the JD or LLM degree. The course and the grade received in the course will be recorded on your transcript, along with the statement "not applicable to current program."
  • The College also offers free, non-credit, informal language classes.