Graduate Tax FAQ

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the tax program. If you need more information, please email

1. What's the difference between the full-time LLM in Taxation and the part-time program?
For both, applicants need excellent academic credentials and a strong interest in taxation. The Full-time LLM in Taxation, generally takes a year, with students spending two-semesters in our on-campus program. The part-time program tends to be for tax lawyers practicing in the New York area who can take mostly evening and summer courses. It usually takes 3 to 5 years to complete. Some courses may be completed online or during the summer sessions.

2. Who is the Executive LLM in Taxation for?
The Executive LLM in Taxation
 is a part-time online degree program for experienced tax lawyers. All of the classes are online, and it is typically completed in 3 to 5 years of study. 

3. I'm interested in International Taxation—should I apply to the LLM in International Taxation? 
The LLM in International Taxation is only for foreign-trained lawyers. If you are an American-trained lawyer interested in international taxation, you can focus in that area as a full-time or part-time LLM in Taxation student. We also have a 12 credit professional certificate program in international tax law. See the International Tax Program FAQ. 

4. What program should I consider if I'm  a tax lawyer interested in a single area, but not an LLM.?
The Advanced Professional Certificates in Taxation offer three areas of concentration: estate planning, international taxation, and corporate taxation. They are part-time programs, some of which can be completed online. 

5. As a part-time student in a degree or certificate program, can I take some or all of my courses online? 
Most of the part-time tax degree and certificate programs students can complete some or all of the requirements via online instruction. The part-time LLM in Tax allows up to half of the degree to be completed online. Please note that we cannot accept applications from applicants who wish to take online classes and study while located within Guam, Australia, or Taiwan.  If you plan to apply to take online classes from outside of the US, or if you have questions about residency requirements, contact John Stephens at or (212) 998-6394

6. Can I sit for the bar exam if I'm in an online degree program?
Online degree programs or courses do not qualify one to sit for the bar exam in most states. For example, foreign-trained attorneys who wish to use an LLM to qualify to sit for the New York State bar exam may not apply any online courses towards those requirements, and some of these same students also have student visa restrictions which prevent them from taking many or any online courses. You can find a listing of state requirements for professional licensure at the website for the National Conference of Bar Examiners. If you wish to inquire as to whether online study at the master's level may allow you to sit for a state's bar exam, you can contact  

7. Can I get a degree in tax if I'm not an attorney?
If you're a tax practitioner, such as a CPA or economist who works closely with attorneys on complex transactional tax issues, you can pursue the Masters of Studies in Law in Taxation It's a part-time, online-only program that features the same courses as the Executive LLM in Taxation program. It will not qualify you to take the Bar, however. 

8. Can I sit for the bar exam or the CPA exam if I'm in the MSL in Taxation program? 
Our Master of Studies in Law in Taxation program is not designed to meet the prerequisites for any professional license or certification. Completion of this online program does not qualify one to sit for the CPA exam or practice law. 

9. What kind of career placement is there?
The Graduate Tax Program has an outstanding placement record. See our FAQ on our outstanding career placements. Director for Counseling and Career Development Clara Solomon and Assistant Director for Career Counseling Efua Feldman work with students to help them navigate the job market and find success.