Graduate Tax Program Summer Session

Registration and Course Materials


Current NYU Law Students

Current NYU Law Students may register for summer tax courses by following the steps below during the summer session registration period, May 9, 2022 through June 7, 2022. You will not be bidding in COURSES. Please follow the instructions below.

1. Navigate to NYU Law COURSES.

2. From any screen in COURSES, click on the link for the Law Registrar's Service Desk.

3. Click on the link to "Add a Course."

4. Enter the requested information.

5. Click "Create" to submit your registration request.

6. Repeat this process if you would like to register for additional summer tax courses.

Students Admitted for Fall 2022

Students admitted to the Graduate Tax Program for Fall 2022 can matriculate early and take summer courses, though we highly recommend you first speak with Director John Stephens at (212) 998-6394. Please email the Graduate Tax Program for additional information on how to register.

NYU Law Alumni

Please email the Graduate Tax Program for additional information on how to register.

Non-Degree Students

Please email the Graduate Tax Program for additional information on how to register.


Summer tax courses are open to:

- NYU School of Law students in LLM, MSL, and Advanced Professional Certificate programs;

- NYU Law alumni; and

- Attorneys who wish to take classes without being enrolled in a degree program. Many of the summer tax courses require a student to have completed a basic law school course in U.S. Federal Income Taxation, though some courses do not require this prerequisite. Please contact for more information eligibility and registration procedures.

Additional Restrictions

Typically, JD students may not register for online courses, as many law schools, the ABA, and state bar examiners have rules restricting online coursework. (Foreign-trained attorneys looking to use a Tax LLM to qualify to sit for the New York bar exam should contact John Stephens, as their requirements are complex. Non-tax LLM students should contact the Office of Graduate Affairs for academic advising.

Students living in the following locations may not register for online courses: Guam, Australia, Taiwan. Students from Maryland should contact us at (212) 992-8150 prior to enrolling for additional information.


Most students take our courses for academic credit and earn a letter grade. However, it is also possible to audit a course. Auditing requires attending the class sessions and participating in-class, or alternatively, watching a course online. However, auditors do not sit for the exam and don’t receive a grade or any academic credit. Auditing incurs the same cost as taking a class for credit. Auditors receive a transcript with a grade of “R.”

Transfer Credit

LLM students from other law schools should contact their home school to determine its transfer credit policy, including whether an online course will be accepted for credit. We will require students to provide an email from a school official stating that they will accept credit for an online course, and students should also confirm that they understand any limitations on online coursework from a bar exam qualification perspective. A non-matriculated student has the option to take summer classes for a letter grade, and if the student receives a C or better, he or she may apply to have the credits earned count towards an NYU School of Law degree or certificate, should the student be admitted into a degree or certificate program at a later date. (The first graduate tax course taken at NYU begins an admitted student’s five year period of study for an LLM degree.)

Credit Load

Credit Limit

Students may register for up to six credits, though realistically, most working students shouldn’t register for more than two or three credits during the summer session. Our 2022 summer session is roughly ten weeks long, which is about three-quarters of the length of our fall or spring semesters. It may be possible to take more credits if you have a light workload (or no work/time off) over the summer.

Enrollment Status for Educational Loans

Degree candidates taking six credits are eligible to apply for federal educational loans, assuming other conditions are met. Students taking three to five credits in this abbreviated summer session may also call John Stephens at (212) 998-6394 to discuss eligibility for half-time enrollment status, which makes one eligible to apply for loans. Other conditions aside from half-time may also factor into loan eligibility. For other information on student loans, both federal and private, please visit Student Financial Services.