Graduate Tax Program

Summer Tax Courses

Summer 2019 Tax Course Offerings 

See our summer registration form. The same information in this pdf is reproduced on these summer session web pages. Prospective summer students who wish to register and who are unable to access this pdf document may instead reach out to to request registration for courses or ask for assistance in calculating their tuition bill ahead of registering. Nick can also be reached at (212) 992-8965. 

We will offer three on campus courses this summer. Information about how to register for these courses will be forthcoming shortly, as will the dates for the examinations. These courses will also be offered in an online format and the exams are typically scheduled a few weeks after the last on-campus class meeting. Note that these courses have individual deadlines which differ from online-only summer courses. These on campus courses are: 

Taxation of Intellectual Property (2 credits)

  • The course will meet on Tuesday, May 28 through Friday, May 31, and Monday, June 3 through Thursday, June 6 between 5:50 pm and 9 pm, except for Friday, May 31. The 5/31 class will start at 2:50 pm and end at 6 pm. 
  • The exam will be held Thursday, June 20 beginning at 9:30 AM eastern time.

Tax Policy (1 credit)

  • The course will meet on June 17, 18, 19, and 20 from 6-9:15 pm. 
  • The exam will be held Tuesday, July 2 beginning at 9:30 am eastern time.

State Taxation of Native Americans (1 credit)

  • The course will meet on July 1-3 from 6-9:15 pm and also on Monday, July 8 from 6-9:15 pm. 
  • The take home exam will be available beginning July 19 and must be uploaded by 5 pm on July 26.

Our online-only courses are previously recorded courses. Students can view all lectures beginning on 05/28/2019. Exams will be held between July 30 and August 1. The deadline to add an online-only classes is June 14, 2019.

Here is the full list of online and on campus summer courses:

  • Corporate Tax I (J. Blank, 2 credits) ONLINE 
  • Corporate Tax II (J. Blank, 2 credits) ONLINE
  • Estate and Gift Taxation (M. Gans, 2 credits) ONLINE
  • International Tax I (F. Shaheen, 2 credits) ONLINE
  • International Tax II (F. Shaheen, 2 credits) ONLINE
  • Multistate Taxation: Income Taxation (R. Pomp, 2 credits) ONLINE
  • Multistate Taxation: Sales and Gross Receipts Tax’n (R. Pomp, 2 credits) ONLINE
  • Oil and Gas Tax (D. Wright, 2 credits) ONLINE
  • Partnership Taxation (N. Cunningham, 3 credits) ONLINE
  • Private Foundations and Their Alternatives (J. Manny, 1 credit) ONLINE 
  • State Tax of Native Americans (R. Pomp, 1 credit) ONLINE and ON CAMPUS
  • Survey of Tax Procedure (J. Blank, 1 credit)  ONLINE
  • Tax Aspects of Charitable Giving (J. Manny, 1 credit) ONLINE
  • Tax Exempt Organizations (J. Manny, 2 credits) ONLINE
  • Tax Fraud and Technology: Blockchain, Zappers, Phantomware, SSaaS & the Dark Cloud (R. Ainsworth, 1 credit) ONLINE
  • Tax Policy (J. Blank, 1 credit) ONLINE and ON CAMPUS
  • Taxation of Intellectual Property (M. Engler, 2 credits) ONLINE and ON CAMPUS
  • Taxation of Property Transactions (M. Engler, 3 credits) ONLINE
  • Timing Issues and the Income Tax (Engler, 2 credits) ONLINE
  • Value Added Taxation (R. Ainsworth, 1 credit) ONLINE

All summer offerings are tentative. Courses without sufficient enrollment will be canceled, though this is rare.


Summer session is open to NYU School of Law students, NYU alumni, and also attorneys who wish to take classes without being enrolled in a degree program. Many of the summer tax courses require a student to have completed a basic law school course in U.S. Federal Income Taxation, though some courses do not require this prerequisite. Current JD students from NYU or other law schools may apply to take the on-campus courses. However, JD students may not register for an online section of a course.

Restrictions on enrollment:

JD students may not register for an online section of a course for academic credit. Most law schools do not accept online course work for academic credit towards a JD degree, though online courses often are transferrable for LLM students. JD students can take our on campus course sections, but must attend all sessions in person.


Additionally, students located in the following locations may not register for online courses: Guam, Australia, Taiwan. Students from Maryland should contact us at (212) 998-6394 prior to enrolling for additional information.