Graduate Tax Program

Summer Tax Courses

Summer 2020 Tax Course Offerings 

We are offering entirely online courses this summer.  Students can read more about the course offerings, tuition and fees, and instructions for registering here. After reading the registration document, current students can register by submitting their request in the COURSES system using this fillable PDF document

Our online-only courses are previously recorded courses. Students can view all lectures beginning on 05/26/2020. Exam dates for these courses will be scheduled between August 4-6, except for Professor Pomp's take-home exams, which will be taken between August 31 and August 7. Registration is open, and the deadline to add an online-only classes will be Monday, June 15, 2020.

Here is the full list of online summer courses:

  • Corporate Tax I (J. Blank, 2 credits) ONLINE (recorded Spring 2018)
  • Corporate Tax II (J. Blank, 2 credits) ONLINE (recorded Spring 2018)
  • Estate and Gift Taxation (M. Gans, 2 credits) ONLINE (recorded Fall 2019)
  • International Tax I (F. Shaheen, 2 credits) ONLINE (recorded Fall 2019)
  • International Tax II (F. Shaheen, 2 credits) ONLINE (recorded Fall 2019)
  • International Tax III (F. Shaheen, 2 credits) ONLINE (Spring 2020 recording)
  • Multistate Taxation: Income Taxation (R. Pomp, 2 credits) ONLINE (recorded Fall 2019)
  • Multistate Taxation: Sales and Gross Receipts Tax’n (R. Pomp, 2 credits) ONLINE (Spring 2020/2019 recording)
  • Oil and Gas Tax (D. Wright, 2 credits) ONLINE (recorded Spring 2019)
  • Partnership Taxation (N. Cunningham, 3 credits) ONLINE (Spring 2020/2019 recording)
  • Private Foundations and Their Alternatives (J. Manny, 1 credit) ONLINE (recorded Fall 2018)
  • Survey of Tax Procedure (J. Blank, 1 credit)  ONLINE (recorded Summer 2017, updated for TCJA)
  • Tax Aspects of Charitable Giving (J. Manny, 1 credit) ONLINE (Spring 2020 recording, which was completed in a classroom setting prior to COVID-related closure)
  • Tax Exempt Organizations (J. Manny, 2 credits) ONLINE (Spring 2020 recording)
  • Tax Fraud and Technology: Blockchain, Zappers, Phantomware, SSaaS & the Dark Cloud (R. Ainsworth, 1 credit) ONLINE (Spring 2020 recording, which was completed in a classroom setting prior to COVID-related closure)
  • Tax Policy (J. Blank, 1 credit) ONLINE (Summer 2019 recording)
  • Taxation of Intellectual Property (M. Engler, 2 credits) ONLINE (Summer 2019 recording)
  • Taxation of Property Transactions (M. Engler, 3 credits) ONLINE (Fall 2019 recording)
  • Timing Issues and the Income Tax (Engler, 2 credits) ONLINE (Spring 2020/2018 recording)
  • Value Added Taxation (R. Ainsworth, 1 credit) ONLINE (Spring 2019 recording)

We have noted where courses feature class recordings from the Spring 2020 semester.  Due to the impact of  COVID-19, NYU Law (and all US law schools) shifted from classroom meetings to online class meetings. NYU switched to using Zoom classroom meetings in mid-March. This was roughly 8 weeks into the 14 week-long Spring 2020 semester at NYU. Three classes (International Tax III, Multi-State Taxartion: Sales and Gross Recipts Taxation, and Tax-Exempt Organizations) were recorded in Spring 2020 and will feature a mix of classroom recordings for the first half of the course and recordings of Zoom class sessions for the remainder of the course. The Multistate Tax'n: Sales and Gross Recipts Tax'n course will feature all spring 2020 sessions as well as several spring 2019 classroom recordings. For several other classes (e.g., Timing Issues and the Income Tax), we have replaced these Zoom sessions with recordings of the same teacher covering the same material in a classroom setting in a prior semester (usually Spring 2018 or Spring 2019).  In some cases, faculty may record updates related to the tax provisions of the 2020 CARES act, either in a Zoom recording or in a written update. We wish to give our students as many curricular options as possible, but also want to note which offerings are from Spring 2020 in case students would prefer to take these courses in a future semester instead.  

All Summer 2020 offerings are tentative. Courses without sufficient enrollment will be canceled.


Summer session is open to:

-NYU School of Law students in LLM, MSL, and Advanced Professional Certificate programs;

-NYU alumni; and

-Attorneys who wish to take classes without being enrolled in a degree program. Many of the summer tax courses require a student to have completed a basic law school course in U.S. Federal Income Taxation, though some courses do not require this prerequisite.


Typically, JD students may not register for an online courses, as many law schools, the ABA, and state bar examiners have rules restricting online coursework. (Foreign-trained attorneys looking to use an LLM to qualify to sit for the New York bar exam should contact John Stephens, as online courses generally may not be used for this purpose.)

Students located in the following locations may not register for online courses: Guam, Australia, Taiwan. Students from Maryland should contact us at (212) 998-6394 prior to enrolling for additional information.