Graduate Tax Program

Summer Courses

Summer 2018 Tax Course Offerings 

We offer a number of online course sections and on-campus course sections in the summer, with most online courses running from June through July, and the exams falling in the daytime  during the first week of August. One on-campus course, Value Added Taxation (Prof. Ainsworth, 1 credit) is also being recorded and offered online this summer. It will meet over three days and the exams for both the online and on campus sections of those courses will occur on June 15.

The full summer schedule and registration document can be found here. 

Our courses for the summer are:

□ Corporate Tax I (J. Blank, 2 credits) ONLINE

□ Corporate Tax II (J. Blank, 2 credits) ONLINE

□ Estate and Gift Taxation (M. Gans, 2 credits) ONLINE

□ International Tax I (F. Shaheen, 2 credits) ONLINE

□ International Tax II (F. Shaheen, 2 credits) ONLINE

□ Multistate Taxation: Income Taxation (R. Pomp, 2 credits) ONLINE

□ Multistate Taxation: Sales and Gross Receipts Tax’n (R. Pomp, 2 credits) ONLINE

□ Oil and Gas Tax (D. Wright, 2 credits) ONLINE

□ State Tax of Native Americans (R. Pomp, 2 credits) ONLINE

□ Survey of Tax Procedure (J. Blank, 1 credit) ONLINE 

□ Tax Aspects of Charitable Giving (J. Manny, 1 credit) ONLINE

□ Tax Exempt Organizations (J. Manny, 2 credits) ONLINE

□ Tax Policy (J. Blank, 1 credit) ONLINE

□ Taxation of Property Transactions (M. Engler, 3 credits) ONLINE

□ Timing Issues and the Income Tax (M. Engler, 2 credits) ONLINE

□ Value Added Taxation (R. Ainsworth, 1 credit, May 30 through June 1) ON CAMPUS or ONLINE

Summer session is open to NYU School of Law students, NYU alumni, and also attorneys who wish to take classes without being enrolled in a degree program. Degree and certificate students admitted for the fall semester may begin their studies in summer by filling out the summer registration form. Many of the summer tax courses require a student to have completed a basic law school course in U.S. Federal Income Taxation, though some courses do not require this prerequisite. Current JD students from NYU or other law schools may apply to take the on-campus course. However, JD students may not register for an online section of a course. It is possible for attorneys to take an online course from afar and to examine at another law school closer by, assuming that law school is open to doing so at the same time and date of our exam here on campus. There are restrictions on which countries and jurisdictions we can allow students to study or examine from within, and more information can be found in our registration document. If you are in a different time zone, contact us to discuss the logistics of examining. Faculty bios can be found on our website.

Graduate Tax Program
New York University School of Law
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New York, NY 10012-1099
Telephone: (212) 998-6150

All current LLM students will use the Summer Registration Form rather than the ABRA registration system, to register. Students may register until the second class meeting of each of the two on-campus courses, and the same registration deadline applies for the corresponding online sections of those courses. Students have until June 15 to add the online-only classes which run from June through July. To register for a course, please fill out the Summer Registration Form and scan and email it in to; please do not fax or mail it in. Non degree students should mail in the payment form along with a check to the records and registration office (the address is on the form). To drop a course, please email Nick Robertson at Please pay careful attention to the deadlines for a refund/reduction of tuition liability.

All summer session exams must be taken on a computer. All summer offerings are tentative. Courses without sufficient enrollment will be canceled, though this is rare.