Graduate Tax Program Summer Session

Summer Session Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Students can view their bill in eSuite, accessible via Albert (NYU's student information system). Please note that non-degree and newly matriculated students will need to activate an NYU NetID before accessing Albert. Please contact for assistance if you have not received an NYU NetID. Visit the website of the NYU Bursar for more information on when and how to pay your tuition.

Tuition is $2,934 per credit for the 2022 summer session. Tuition is assessed at the time of registration. Registration and services fees are $780 for the first credit and $70 for each additional credit. You will also be assessed a technology fee.

New York University will assess a health insurance fee for students taking six or more credits during the summer session. Information on enrolling in or waiving health insurance is available on the Student Health Insurance website. Students taking fewer than six credits should not be billed for health insurance, but we suggest you check your tuition statement to verify that you have not been charged a health insurance fee.

Tuition and fees must be paid in full before the first class meeting. Liability for tuition and fees attaches when you register. To reduce that liability, one must drop their course(s) by the relevant "refund" deadline.

Refunds of Tuition

Please note that registering for a summer session course incurs tuition and fee liability. When we use the term "refund," we are referring to a reduction in that liability, not just the situation where we return some portion of the money we have already received from you. Thus, if you register for a course and have not yet paid for the course, you are still liable for the cost of the course. Please do not register for a course without familiarizing yourself with the rules and deadlines regarding refunds, i.e., reducing tuition and fee liability.

Courses with insufficient enrollment will be canceled with a full refund of tuition and fees.