LLM in Taxation

The Graduate Tax Program, established in 1945, is the foremost program of its kind. The graduate tax faculty includes several of the country’s leading academic figures in taxation as well as tax practitioners who combine an extraordinary commitment to teaching with practical knowledge accumulated over years of experience at the most sophisticated levels of tax practice. Alumni of the program are found in prominent positions in tax practice, government, the judiciary and academia.

The program, offered on a full-time and part-time basis, is designed to provide a firm grounding in all of the major areas of federal taxation, offering over 50 graduate-level courses annually. While not an application requirement, students are expected to have taken a basic income taxation course before enrolling because all advanced tax classes take a rigorous approach to their material in order to effectively address the complexities of tax law. Going beyond a narrow, mechanical understanding, faculty emphasize theoretical and policy issues in locating responsible solutions to tax problems. 

Focus on Curriculum

All full-time students will be assigned a faculty adviser to help them design a program of study. Students who wish to concentrate on areas of particular interest may follow suggested courses of study in:

  • General Taxation
  • Business Taxation
  • International Taxation (for US-trained attorneys)
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Policy

In addition to these areas of concentration, a variety of courses are offered in other areas, such as state and local taxation, taxation of executive compensation, bankruptcy taxation, and civil and criminal tax procedure. More information regarding the suggested curricula and designing an individualized course from the various tax offerings is available from the Graduate Tax Program.

Programs for Practicing Lawyers 

As the top program in the nation, the perpetual challenge is to be innovative, flexible and responsive to students’ needs as well as the needs of the marketplace. For many years, practicing lawyers have enrolled in the LLM in Taxation on a part-time basis, benefitting from some evening classes taught by the nation’s leading tax practitioners, the intensive tax courses offered by the Graduate Tax Program during the summer months, and some online classes.  Also offered on a part-time basis are: