Graduate Tax Program Summer Session

Examinations & Grading


2022 Summer Session exams are tentatively scheduled for August 3-5, 2022 (for proctored exams) and August 2-9, 2022 (for full-period take-home exams).

Exams must be taken at the scheduled time. Please read the section below on Exam Rescheduling. 

All School of Law exams are administered using Exam4 software.

Exams must be taken on a laptop computer. Please consult the Exam4 website for a list of currently supported operating systems.


Students with disabilities in need of accommodation should both:

  1. Register with the University's Moses Center for Students with Disabilities.
  2. Submit an accommodations request for each exam via ExamReporter.

Exam Rescheduling

Please consult the School of Law Exam Rescheduling website for more information on postponement and accommodation of "In-Class" and "Remote" exams. In the rare situation when an exam must be rescheduled due to extreme extenuating circumstances, the student will be informed of a make-up date/time through ExamReporter. Exam start times are in eastern standard time, and all students are expected to begin at that time, absent approval of a request to postpone or accommodate the exam. There is a very high threshold for requesting an exam date postponement. Exams are never administered prior to the listed exam date. Part-time students generally are working, so work conflicts are not a unique situation and we cannot fairly reschedule exams on that basis. Therefore, students should clear their exam schedules with their employers before finalizing course schedules.


Rules of the American Bar Association, the New York State Court of Appeals, other state high courts and the Law School itself all require regular attendance. For online classes, we track attendance by examining the records of which videos students have viewed.  Failing to view enough class videos can result, without further warning, in: 1) grade lowering or 2) denial of permission to complete coursework and/or sit for the exam, and receipt of a grade of WD or F/AB.

Missing more than one-fifth of the classes or videos for any course is presumptively excessive. Any student who finds themself at risk of this should immediately speak with the instructor and/or the director of the tax program and explain the situation.

In general, tax faculty members may establish a higher standard of regular attendance than that described above, and may also take attendance, class participation, and the quality of class performance into account in determining the student's grade (regardless of whether participation was mentioned as a grading factor in the first class meeting or syllabus). All that said, for many online-only courses there is little expectation of participation other than viewing the class videos and taking the exam.

More information on the attendance policy as well as our grade curve and exam postponements is available in our Academic Policy Guide.

Anonymous Grading and Other Issues

Examinations are graded anonymously at NYU School of Law; students may not write their names on exams. Instead, students must use their Exam ID. All students must obtain their ExamID by logging into ExamReporter website.

Please do not contact the course instructor during or after an exam. If you would like to send a message to the instructor, you may send your anonymous message through the Office of Records and Registration.