Career Services

For Prospective LLM in Taxation Students

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NYU Law’s LLM in Taxation is the top program in the country and our graduates are leaders in the tax profession worldwide.

Where Our Graduates Work

Of the 43 graduates of the full-time tax LLM Class of 2023, 90.7 percent were employed full time by March 2024. 

LLM employment map

Most graduates work in private practice at law firms; others work at public accounting firms, in government, and hold judicial clerkships at the Tax Court. 

  • 59% were at law firms
  • 26% at accounting firms
  • 17% clerkship

The New York metro area, Washington, DC, the Southeast, and Southwest (including Texas) are largest geographic markets for our graduates. See more tax employment numbers.

  • 44% in NY, NJ and PA
  • 13% Washington, DC
  • 18% Southeast
  • 8% California

How They Get Their Jobs

The Taxation Interview Program (TIP), NYU On-Campus Interview Program (OCI) and job postings through NYU’s CSM are the three most common means of employment reported by students. We also distribute resume directories to employers nationwide each semester. Most students obtain positions in March and April, since many employers prefer to interview students once they have completed one semester of academic work. Employers typically look at a range of factors, including:

  • LLM grades 
  • Reputation of JD school
  • Performance in JD program (including tax-related coursework)
  • Demonstrated interest in tax law (coursework, professional experience, etc.)
  • Prior legal work experience
  • Relevant non-legal work experience (prior to law school)
  • Undergraduate degree (if relevant)
  • Interviewing skills
  • Perceived “fit” with the employer

Our counselors provide in-depth guidance on networking and individual applications, depending on each student’s goals.  The success of a student’s efforts strongly correlates to his or her performance at NYU, utilization of resources available through the OCS, and traditional job search activities outside of the OCS services.

Please note: Part-time Tax LLM students must complete 8 credits before they can use some OCS services and 16 credits before they can use all of them. See more about OCS services for part-time students.