Graduate Tax Program

Academic Programs

NYU Law offers a range of graduate tax degrees and programs:

  • Full-time LLM in Taxation 

    • 24-credit degree completed in one year on campus

    • Ideal for students seeking an entry-level position in tax law in the US

    • You'll have a dedicated faculty adviser.

  • Part-time LLM in Taxation 

    • 24-credit degree that can be completed in up to five years

    • Up to 12 credits can be through online courses

    • Summer sessions are available.

  • JD/LLM in Taxation

    • Takes only seven semesters to complete (instead of eight)
    • Allows students to count graduate tax courses taken at NYU School of Law as JD students towards the LLM in Taxation degree
  • LLM in International Taxation 

    • Full-time program for foreign-trained students who want a firm grounding in the US international tax system
    • Offers multiple courses that reflect the globalization of tax law principles and practices.
  • Executive LLM

    • 24-credit degree that can be completed in up to five years

    • All courses are online to accommodate practicing attorneys outside the NYC area

    • You can also take classes on campus, and there are intensive summer courses.

  •  Advanced Professional Certificate

    • 12-credit specialized study program in corporate tax, estate planning, and international tax

    • Many students finish their studies (online or on campus) in two years, but you may take up to four years.

  • Master of Studies in Law (MSL)

    • This is an entirely online program for experienced CPAs or those with substantially similar certification from outside the US. It is also intended for individuals with a master’s degree in accounting, taxation, economics, or finance from a US university and three years of work experience in US tax issues at the federal or state level. For those with a master’s degree, the program can be completed in 24 credits over a period of up to five years; for all others, the degree requires 30 credits of study.

  • Summer Courses