LLM Exam Information and Support

Course Outlines

The SBA posts outlines of classes made by students in prior years to supplement a student's own case summaries and notes. These can be very helpful study aids as you prepare for exams. Note that the content of these student-authored outlines has not been checked by the SBA or faculty for errors and misstatements so use your discretion when using them.

Exam Prep for LLM Students

Professor Daniel Francis held a session on exam writing and strategies you can use to review concepts to set yourself up for success.

Recording from 10/27/2023 session
Exam Prep Presentation Slide Deck (PDF: 2.37 MB)

The Forum: How to Take Law School Exams

Professor Barry Friedman, co-author of Open Book: Succeeding on Exams from the First Day of Law School, and Professor Erin Murphy gave a comprehensive primer on how to succeed in writing law-school exams. 

View a recording of The Forum: How to Take Law School Exams

Resources from Intro to US Law

As a reminder, you can also find the TA Exam Prep Workshop in your Intro to US Law course site, which you still have access to via NYU Brightspace.

Law School Exams Website

Need to request an exam postponement or accommodation? Need to review Law School exam rules and protocols? Need more information about Exam4? The Office of Academic Services has put together a very helpful Law School Exams website for all of your exam questions and needs. 

You can also submit questions or report exam issues directly to the Exams Team through this website.

Academic Advising

Please feel free to make an appointment for an Advising Meeting to meet with Barbara, Nathaly, or Becca.