Graduate Lawyering Program

The Graduate Lawyering program focuses on teaching foreign-trained attorneys real-world skills needed to practice effectively in the US and global legal environments. The summer classes, Introduction to US Law and Introduction to US Legal Practice, highlight distinctive features of the US legal system. The first week’s focus on federalism, common-law methodology, and aspects of civil litigation lays the foundation to explore, during the second week of class, a line of evolving cases. The summer classes also teach the basics of US legal research, writing, and analysis.

To build on the skills developed during the introductory summer classes, we strongly recommend that students enroll in Graduate Lawyering I.  In Graduate Lawyering I students receive frequent, individualized feedback on legal research and writing assignments in a seminar environment as they continue to explore how law and fact unite in legal analysis.

In addition to these curricular opportunities, the Law School offers academic support to LLM students through a variety of programs, including a non-credit Legal English class,  and presentations on particular skills. For more information, click here.