Student Bar Association

Course Outlines

Course Outlines


The SBA runs an outline bank located at the following link, in addition to maintaining this legacy website with outlines collected before 2021. These outlines have been generously donated by current and past students to benefit future generations of New York University School of Law students. The SBA has not reviewed any of these outlines for quality and takes no responsibility for the content. We believe that these outlines are valuable resources, but they should by no means be used in place of a student's own work. Please note that the rules regarding plagiarism and cheating apply to the use of student outlines. Be sure to review the rules to make sure that your use of them is in line with the guidelines.


Outline Donations


We encourage students and alumni to submit outlines that they have created or acquired for courses at the School of Law through this Google Drive link. Particularly beneficial are outlines taught by professors or for courses not currently represented.


The Google Form will autoformat the name of your outline to the following format:

“Last Name, First Initial_Course Name(For X Students)[Special Outline Type]_SemesterYear[Grade]”


An example with all of these tags present would be:

Miller, A_CivPro(For LLMs)[Attack]_Fall2022[A-]


You do not need to fill out information regarding grades, 1L or LLM usage, or whether the outline is a special type. To leave these fields blank, simply do not use the dropdown options. Please use question marks for unknown fields. We prefer Word documents, if possible, but accept Excel, Powerpoint, and PDF formats.