LLM in International Business Regulation, Litigation and Arbitration Requirements 2024-25

Credit Requirement

Students in the International Business Regulation, Litigation and Arbitration program are required to take International Business Transactions for IBRLA LLM students (3 credits), in which they will write a thesis. The class and written work requirement will enable students to synthesize their studies and benefit from close interaction with faculty and other students concentrating in the field.

IBRLA LLM students are also required to choose a minimum of 10 credits from the Core Curriculum consisting of Core International Litigation and Arbitration Courses and Core Regulatory and Business Courses (including at least one course from subset A. and one course from subset B.). Students will also be required to choose an additional 7 credit hours from the Core Curriculum (subsets A. and B.) or Related Electives listed below (subset C.). Additional free electives (4 credits) will make this a 24-credit program.

Please note that the list of classes offered changes each year; also, there may be some changes to the lists below as the schedule is being finalized.

Required Class

  • International Business Transactions (for IBRLA LLMs) (LW.10296 - 3 credits across 2 semesters)

Core Curriculum
(10 credits from subsections A. and B.)

A. International Litigation and Arbitration Courses

  • Complex Litigation (LW.10058 - 4 credits) (Introduction to US Civil Procedure is recommended but not required)
  • Conflict of Laws (LW.10701 - 3 credits)
  • International Commercial Arbitration (LW.11915 - 2 credits) 
  • International Investment Law & Arbitration (LW.12182 - 4 credits)
  • Investment Treaty Arbitration (LW.12344 - 2 credits)
  • Oral Advocacy in International Investment and Commercial Arbitration Seminar (LW.12264 - 2 credits)

B. Core Regulatory and Business Courses

  • Cross Border Insolvency and Related Issues (LW.12076 - 2 credits)
  • Commercial Sales Law: Domestic and International (LW.11972- 4 credits)
  • Conflict of Laws in Global Perspectives
  • Financing Development Seminar (LW.11806 - 2 credits)
  • International Trade Law (LW.11426 - 4 credits)
  • International Trade and Investment Law and Policy Seminar: The Challenge of Changing Energy Markets (LW.12528 - 2 credits)
  • Introduction to US Civil Procedure (for LLM Students)(LW.10514 - 2 credits)
  • Law and Development (LW.10295 - 2 credits)
  • Negotiation (LW.11642 - 3 credits)
  • Project Finance Seminar (LW.12062 - 2 credits)
  • Sovereign Finance, Capital Markets and Global Regulatory Challenges Seminar (LW.12643 - 2 credits)
  • Transnational Law and Private Ordering

C. Related Electives

  • A Study of “Mega” Bankruptcy Cases: Impact on the Economy and Related Industries Seminar (LW.12185 - 2 credits)
  • Antitrust Law (LW. 11164 - 4 credits)
  • Contracts (for LLM students) (LW.11171 - 3 or 4 credits)
  • Corporations (LW.10644 - 4 or 5 credits)
  • Graduate Lawyering I (LW.12373 or LW.12375 - 1 or 2 credits)
  • Guarini Colloquium: Regulating Global Digital Corporations (LW.12657 - 2 credits)
  • International Law (LW.11218 - 3 credits)
  • International Law (for 1Ls) for LLMs (LW.11577 - 4 credits)
  • Law and Business of Corporate Governance (LW.10042 - 3 credits)
  • Law and Business of Corporate Transactions (LW.10503 - 3 credits)
  • Professional Responsibility and the Regulation of Lawyers (LW.11479 - 2 credits)
  • Professional Responsibility in the Corporate Context (LW.12346 - 2 credits)
  • Survey of Securities Regulation (LW.10322 - 4 credits)
  • USALI Colloquium: Globalization, International Law and East Asia Law (LW.12761- 2 credits)

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