Law School Exams


Please be advised that requests for postponement and accommodations for Fall exams were due in ExamReporter on October 15th.  The results were subsequently released on November 15th, 2021.  Any submissions received after the deadline are subject to additional review and may require further explanation/documentation.  Late requests will be processed in order of exam date and you may not hear until just prior to your exam.

Having an issue with your exam?  Please report it using our exams portal.

The Spring 2022 Exam Schedule is now available.

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Fall 2021 Key Dates

Examination Periods:
Friday, 10/15 to Friday, 10/29
Thursday, 12/9 to Tuesday, 12/21

Examination Make-up Day:
Wednesday, 12/22

Postponement Approvals:
Results of requests will be available via ExamReporter.

Compliance for Exam4:
December 3 - December 22

General Exam Reminders


All exams answers must be computer-typed. Hand-writing is not permitted.

Exam4 Remote Pilot Program:

These exams will use the Exam4 software.

Take-Home Exam System

THES, the Law School’s web-based program, will be used for all other exams. No special software is required or necessary.

Exam Numbers

Prior to the exam period, obtain your 4-digit examination number from ExamReporter. Using an incorrect exam number will result in a delay of your grade.

For early final exams (1st 7-week courses), students will use the final exam ID.

For mid-term exams, students will use the mid-term exam ID, and for final exams, if any, use the final exam ID.

Maintaining Anonymity

All exams are graded anonymously; the exam should only contain your exam number. It is imperative that you not compromise the important value of anonymity. If you have a problem, communicate only with the Office of Academic Services at law.exams@nyu.edudo not discuss the problem with your professor. Do not add your email address or your name to your exam. (Note to Professors: At times, a student may wish to communicate with a professor regarding an exam issue by sending an anonymous note to the professor. To preserve the blind grading process this note must be submitted to the Office of Records and Registration.)

Medical Issues

If the issue you would like to relay to your professor concerns a medical issue, you will be asked to submit documentation to support the issue. You may opt to keep the documentation confidential within the Office of Academic Services and/or the Office of Student Affairs, or you may opt to have the documentation forwarded to the professor along with your note. If you decline to submit documentation, you may opt to withdraw your note or you can request that the note still be sent with an indication that you declined to submit documentation.

Technology Issues

If the issues you would like to relay to your professor involve a technology problem, you will be required to first have your computer examined by ITS. Your note will be sent with an indication of whether you are compliant with exam readiness requirements.  To report an issue during your exam, please use the exam issues form.

Postponing Exams

If you have any difficulties or experience other extenuating circumstances, please submit an exam postponement request via ExamReporter. Please include any relevant details in your request. If your request requires additional documentation (e.g., doctor’s note), please submit the documentation separately to the Office of Student Affairs. Your request will be reviewed by the Office of Student Affairs and you will be notified if your request is approved or denied. You may email the Office of Student Affairs at

Check Your Email

Please check your NYU e-mail regularly during the exam period. Any important messages from the Offices of Academic Services, Records and Registration, and the Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) will be distributed via e-mail.

Examination Schedule

Read the schedule carefully.

NOTE: Professors may shorten, but may not extend, the exam duration as posted in the course description.