Law School Exams

Please Note: This page was updated on September 26, 2022.


Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 exam schedules are now available.

Key Dates and Deadlines

ExamReporter Submission Period:  Friday, September 23rd - Friday, September 30th

ExamReporter Results Posted:  Friday, October 7th

Early Final Exams: Friday, October 14th & Friday, October 21st

Full Period Exams: Friday, October 14th - Friday, October 21st

Exam-Taking Guides

Everything you need to know about:

Practice Exams

Take-Home Exams

In-Class / Remote Proctored Exams

If You Need Help

The fastest way to get help with exam-related issues is to open a ticket with our Exam Team. Your question will be directed to the right person. You can also visit our Exam Event page to find out about online and in-person help sessions.

Open a Ticket

Important News about Exam4

Exam4 will be the software used for all exam types and modes. 

Required: Using the newest version of Exam4 

For each exam period, you are required to download a new version of Exam4. ITS will email you at your Net ID address when the new software is available. See our guide to Exam4 Essentials.

Required: Take a Practice Exam

You are strongly encouraged to complete a 10-minute Practice Exam. It is your responsibility to be proficient in Exam4 before your first exam. See our guide to taking a practice exam. 

Maintaining Anonymity

All exams are graded anonymously. If you have a problem or medical issue, do not discuss the problem with your professor. Do not add your email address or your name to your exam. If you have a medical issue, contact Student Affairs. For any other issues, please open a ticket.

Exam Archives

If you want to get a sense of previous exams, you can visit the NYU Law library's exam archive.