Law School Exams

Please Note: This page was updated on March 22, 2024.


The Spring 2024 April/May exam schedule is now available.

Key Dates and Deadlines

Postponement & Accommodation Request Submission:
Monday, March 25 - Friday, April 5

Result of Postponement & Accommodation Requests:
Monday, April 22 at 5pm

Required Computer Readiness Practice Exam Period:
Monday, April 15 - Friday, April 26

If You Need Exam Help

The fastest way to get help with exam-related issues is to open a ticket with our Exam Team. Your question will be directed to the right person. You can also visit our Exam Help page to find out about online and in-person help sessions.

Open a Ticket

Exam Requirements You Need to Know 

Use the Newest Exam4 Software. For the March 2024 exam period you must use Exam4 Release 23.1.2 for Mac or Release 23.2 for Windows, both of which expire 29 March 2024.

Computer Readiness Requirement: Check that your Mac or PC has a supported operating system. If not, you'll need to upgrade to one or borrow a compliant device for exams.

Take a Practice Exam. You must take a Practice Exam before your first exam. See How to Take a Practice Exam.