Graduate Affairs for LLM and Exchange Students

Clinics and Externships

Clinical courses and externships typically combine work in the field with seminars and simulation exercises. For a detailed description of each clinic and externship and of application procedures, please visit the Clinics website. Students may not enroll in a clinic  or externship without first applying for and being accepted into it by the instructor.

For details on the application process for Clinics, please visit Applying to a Clinic.
The application form for LLM students and directions on how to complete the form can also be found here in the Forms section.

Application deadlines for LLM students can also be found at Clinic Application Deadlines (please note that deadlines for LLM students differ from that of JD students).

You can also view Clinics that are available to LLM students along with their requirements by visiting Clinics Open to LLM Students.