Introductory Classes

Professor Irene Ayers
Professor Irene Ayers

Introduction to US Law and Introduction to US Legal Practice

Introduction to US Law is an intensive course that reviews the fundamentals of the US legal system, including an overview of the US Constitution, federalism, the structure and function of courts, sources of legal authority, and common-law methodology.

Introduction to US Legal Practice teaches practical skills needed in the US legal environment including locating cases, statutes and other legal source materials; citing legal authority correctly; and checking the validity of case citations. In addition, these introductory classes help prepare students for study at a US law school by developing their skills in briefing cases, course outlining, and taking law school examinations.

All LLM students who received their first degree in law outside the United States must take Introduction to US Law and Introduction to US Legal Practice. Students beginning the LLM program Fall 2021 will take the Intro classes beginning Monday, August 16 through Friday, August 27, 2021.

Please note that credits earned for these classes do not count toward the 24 credits needed to earn the LLM degree.

On the last day of the class there is an essay exam on the line of cases covered during the second week of Intro. Students have found studying for and writing the exam for Intro. to be important preparation for the fall semester.

Students who need the LLM degree to qualify to take the New York Bar exam can use credits earned in Introduction to US Law and in Introduction to US Legal Practice toward fulfilling NY Bar eligibility requirements.

Introduction to US Law Sections

During the second week of Introduction to US Law, several days are devoted to exploring an evolving line of cases; the topic of these cases differs between sections that are TBD.

When sections are determined, you will receive a registration link via email that will allow you to indicate your preference as to section. We will honor your preference to the extent possible, while maintaining classes of equal size. If you do not indicate a preference, we will place you randomly into one of the Intro sections. Once you are assigned to a section of Introduction to US Law, you will be automatically enrolled in the summer course Introduction to US Legal Practice.

Syllabus and Class Schedule

The syllabus and class schedule for Introduction to US Law and Introduction to US Legal Practice will be provided online for your reference a few weeks before the class begins.

Early Reading Assignments

Reading for Introduction to US Law

Please complete the reading assignment that will be noted in the syllabus before the first Introduction to US Law class meeting; this assigned reading will be posted in advance on NYU Classes (a web-based system that enables NYU faculty to provide access to course content and communicate with class members). The textbook for the class is A Lawyer Writes:  A Practical Guide to Legal Analysis (3rd ed.)

During the second week of Introduction to US Law, the faculty devotes several days to exploring an evolving line of judicial opinions (cases).  They recommend that you read the line of cases before the beginning of the course. The topic of the cases differs between sections and will be posted here when sections are determined

Recommended Reading to Prepare for the Academic Year