English Language Resources

Legal English

These (non-credit) language-based classes take place in September to provide students, whose first languages are other than English, with a forum to study legal English.  Professor Ross will focus on two different areas: Building Legal Vocabulary (a series of 3 classes) and Practicing Pronunciation (a series of 2 classes).  To maximize the number of students who will be able to fit these classes into their schedules, each series is offered twice. Attending all classes in a series is strongly recommended but is not required so that students may go to a single or multiple classes.  You will receive an email in late August with sign-up instructions and session-specific descriptions.

Topic 1: Building Legal Vocabulary (3 two-hour classes)

Covers terminology related to statutes and case briefing categories. Students will closely examine the sources of legal authority including statutes and components of a case including citations, parties, causes of action, facts, procedural history, rules, holdings, dicta, dispositions and other key vocabulary from cases. A main focus of the sessions is to improve each student’s legal English vocabulary.

Topic 2: Practicing Pronunciation: (2 two-hour classes)

Focuses on the pronunciation of common legal vocabulary and strategies for practice.

English Conversation Groups

The University's International Student Center hosts informal English Conversation Groups for international students interested in using their English conversational skills. These groups provide lively conversation in English and the opportunity to interact with students from other Divisions of the University.  Improve your English conversation skills in an informal group setting. Come chat!

NYU Writing Center

The NYU Writing Center is a place where any NYU student can get help with his or her writing.

Prior to the LLM

Students interested in improving their English language skills prior to the LLM program, may be interested in NYU's American Language Institute. The Institute is one of the many schools and programs in New York and throughout the US that offer English language instruction during the summer months and throughout the academic year.