Graduate Lawyering I & II

Graduate Lawyering I  is a practice-based course for international LLM students focused on legal research, writing, and analysis. The class focuses on skill development and aims to prepare each LLM student to understand and be able to meet the expectations of the US legal environment. The curriculum is composed of several research and writing exercises. Sections are limited to approximately fifteen students and teaching assistants are available to provide additional hands-on advice on topics such as research techniques.

Our LLM students come from a wide variety of backgrounds; offering multiple sections of Graduate Lawyering I allows our faculty to take into account differences in students’ language and practice experience.  We recommend that students register for a fall section of the Graduate Lawyering I class (seven sessions throughout the semester).  However, if you score a “3” (exceeds expectations) on the exam administered at the end of  the summer class, Introduction to US Law, or received approval to waive the requirement to take Intro. –  in that case, we recommend that instead of a fall section, you take the one-week January section of Graduate Lawyering I during the last week of the winter break.

The Law School also offers an intensive section of the class designed for students who particularly want to focus on improving their English language skills. Throughout the fall, Graduate Lawyering I: Intensive (2 credits) meets for two hours every week. Graduate Lawyering II, in spring, offers the opportunity for students to continue to develop their US research and writing skills in a seminar environment.